HIMYM: Did Marshall Eriksen Kill The Mother?

In a sitcom, this might not sound like something that would happen. But since the controversial finale episode of How I Met Your Mother has come out, it isn’t right to call the show “sitting.” I think Marshall Eriksen killed Tracy Mosby in the finale episode of How I Met Your Mother. Even though this sounds crazy, I’m pretty sure it’s true.

It all began in this episode. Barney wakes up at Lily and Marshall’s apartment after taking the “drunk train.” He thinks they have a sex tape hidden somewhere in their house and tries to find it. During his search for it, he finds a box of long-term bets that they have been keeping. One of them is Lily betting Marshall that Ted and Robin will never end up together. When Ted finds out about the bet, he gets angry at Lily. This makes him think about why he hasn’t gotten back together with Robin in the last five years.

When Robin comes back from Russia, she and Ted have a chance to look at their relationship again. Ted picks her up at the airport and takes her to a meal at the Brooklyn restaurant from the “Pilot” episode. Then, he drives home. They won’t work out, and Robin tells him that they still have a contract to get married if they are both unmarried at 40. He turns it down. She says she doesn’t love Ted when Ted asks. She is OK with them being friends. That week was terrible. Ted wants her to forget about it.

Marshall tells Robin that she should move out for Ted’s sake when he finds out that Ted doesn’t want to be with Robin in any romantic way. Robin agrees to do so. Robin moves out soon after, leaving Ted alone on the roof of his apartment building. The future Ted tells his kids that it made it possible for him to meet their mother when he was done with Robin. As soon as Lily thinks this is the end of Ted and Robin, Marshall asks her to pay back their bet. Every time Lily asks Marshall for money, Marshall says, “Not yet,” smiles, and then says, “No, not yet.”

How he said “not yet” made me think. It was way too weird. It looked like he knew that Ted and Stella would break up. If Tony had heard Stella talk to Tony about running away before, he might have thought about that. In other words, what could have been the reason that Marshall was so sure? His big, goofy smile has always hidden a dark side of him—the last episode of How I Met Your Mother.

In the end, Stella left Ted at the altar. Ted didn’t dare to be in a long-term relationship for a long time after that. Marshall might have been a part of the process that led to Ted confessing to Robin. As it turns out, he was right. Robin, to his annoyance, said no. Robin married Barney. He didn’t give up even though Robin was married to Barney. Because Marshall was afraid that Ted would lose the bet if he found the love of his life, he went crazy when Ted found Tracy. He was on a new path. The dark side of everyone is that this was his.

All he wanted was to win the bet he was taking part in. It was cruel of him to poison Tracy’s food with something like a slow poison. Ted was always close to Lily and Marshall, which meant he could get to their food quickly. Tracy got sick and died at the end of the How I Met Your Mother season finale episode, and it was the last one. Ted told his kids all about his life. As for Marshall, he also knew a lot about his kids. People loved Robin, and so did he. Because their mother had been dead for six years, he thought the kids would ask Ted to get back together with their favorite aunt Robin.

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