HIMYM Season 2 can (and should) be used to fill in the backstories of HIMYF Season 2.

In HIMYF season 2, one of the show’s best ways to fill in the backstories of its characters can finally be used again. Robin was the only one who came into the gang’s lives in the pilot episode of HIMYM. The nine seasons of HIMYM used flashbacks to important stories in the characters’ lives that were linked to their conflicts in the present day. So far, How I Met Your Father hasn’t done this.

HIMYF is a show about people who met their fathers before the pilot episode. But most of their backstories haven’t been told yet. It was different from HIMYM. Which had a lot of time to look at the characters’ past and present outside of the central conflict. How I Met Your Father season 1 only used present-day stories and cut to Future Sophie telling the story in 2050. Season 1 only had one flashback to Sid accidentally killing his dog as a child. Some stories happened before How I Met Your Father’s time. And they could be just as important as the ones now. However, How I Met Your Father hasn’t fully explored these stories about its characters.

In How I Met Your Father, the first season was very short. This meant that viewers didn’t get to know the characters as well as they did in HIMYM. To fix this, How I Met Your Father season 2 can finally use flashbacks to tell funny stories and important memories for its characters. Even before How I Met Your Father gets into the characters’ childhoods. The show has a lot of important backstories that could use flashbacks like those in HIMYM. For example, how everyone met each other.

This could help the show move forward if it tried to copy how HIMYM does things.


Flashbacks in HIMYM were funny because of how ridiculous their wigs and clothes were. Still, they were also important to the bigger story of getting to know and understand the protagonists. To show how Barney was a hippie who lost his girlfriend to an AltruCell employee. The show flashed back to the characters’ younger years before they became the people we see now. This made their stories better and more enjoyable. There were a lot of backstory flashbacks in HIMYM about Ted, Marshall, and Lily at Wesleyan University. This makes How I Met Your Father season 2 perfect because Jesse and Sid went to the same school a decade later.

How I Met Your Father’s characters’ backstories are mostly unknown before the start of season 2. Sophie and her mother’s troubled past and Jesse and Ellen’s different childhoods are the only major revelations that don’t happen through flashbacks. A 20-episode order for How I Met Your Father season 2 means more “fluffy” episodes that give more information about the characters’ personalities and backstories, even if these stories aren’t going to help them get together. HIMYF season 2 now has the chance to copy HIMYM and fill in the best gaps in the characters’ pasts.


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