HIMYM Theory: Future Ted Mosby Had Alzheimer’s

An interesting fan theory about How I Met Your Mother said that Ted Mosby had Alzheimer’s disease because of how he talked.

One of the most popular fan theories about How I Met Your Mother was that Ted Mosby had Alzheimer’s disease from the future. This is what people thought.

As a joke show, it ran from 2005 to 2014. Bob Saget was the voice of Future Ted, who lived in 2030. Ted narrated the series, but Saget was the voice of Future Ted from that time. Josh Radnor played the character the whole time.

Here’s why the theory caught on and why some people still believe it, even though the show ended.

How I Met Your Mother was set in the present, but the stories were from the past to Ted. Ted told his kids, Penny and Luke, about how he met their mother in 2030.

The story, which was told through narration, was the driving force behind the show, which followed Ted and his friends from their mid-20s to their early-30s.

“Mother” became more critical in seasons nine and ten. Ted kept getting closer to meeting her.

Future Ted was in charge of the events of How I Met Your Mother through his stories and recollections, so any mistakes or out-of-order facts were blamed on him.

People thought Future Ted had Alzheimer’s disease, which affects the brain regarding critical thinking and memory. Instead of blaming the writers, many fans thought Future Ted had the disease early.

Some people thought Ted was telling a story about how he met his wife. Instead, they thought he was telling the story before he had dementia.

During the season 8 episode, “The Time Travelers,” Future Ted wished he could spend an extra 45 days with his wife. This made the theory more interesting.

This made people believe that the Mother, Ted, or both were going to get hurt.

The things that support and disprove HIMYM’s theory about Alzheimer’s.

To show that Ted had Alzheimer’s, the main thing to look for is that the character was shown to be untrustworthy.

In his stories, he often mixed updates and left out important parts.

Ted, too, seemed to fill in some gaps in the story before making changes.

People thought that Ted had Alzheimer’s even after the show ended, even though there was no evidence that he had any illness.

Ted most likely became an untrustworthy narrator because he told a very long story in 2030, many years after everything had already happened to him.

If a story were so complicated, it would be hard for anyone to remember some of the facts.

Another thing: Ted’s behavior didn’t show that he had Alzheimer’s.

Because Tracy died six years ago, there would be no way to give Ted a debilitating illness at the end of How I Met Your Mother.

The conclusion was wrong enough for most people, and though the Alzheimer’s theory is interesting, most of it can be proven wrong.

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