HIMYM: Why Barney Is Actually The Show’s Main Character

Barney Stinson can only be described with one word: legendary. Neil Patrick Harris’s character is the fifth member of the group that made HIMYM a colossal hit, and fans worldwide can recognize him right away.

It could even be said that Barney eventually beat the other main characters and got more attention than anyone else. With his instant charm and intense personality, it’s not surprising that Ted, Robin, Marshall, and Lily sometimes forget him more than they do Ted, Robin, Marshall, and Lily.

10. The ending should have had more to do with him.


The show’s last season was mainly about Robin and Barney’s relationship, and everyone was getting more excited about their wedding day. All of this tension grew as the episodes went on, only to be sped up at the end and solved off-screen. People were so upset that Barney wasn’t in the last episode shows how important he was to the show. Even what happens to him in the future is never revealed.

9. His family problems are a big part of the plot.

Barney’s actions show that he has a troubled personality. He is always interested in different women and has a pretty self-centered philosophy.

But as the show went on, it became clear that maybe some bad things that happened in the family were to blame. He didn’t know who his birth father was, but he found out later that he had been separated from him at a young age. They did get back together, but it turned out that he had another family, which confused everyone.

8. He’s a great friend.


Even though Barney might seem like a womanizer who only cares about himself, he has shown over and over that his friends were always his top priority. He got Marshall two jobs at places where he already worked. When Robin loses her visa because she hasn’t found a job, he does everything to help her stay in the US. He makes her a video job application and gets her a job at Channel 12.

7. He is a source of memes

Barney was a full-fledged actor on his own, and his many one-liners, catchphrases, and pieces of advice, along with Harris’s expressive face, helped make some memes that went viral. Some were used as models for memes all over the world. Barney always wears a sharp suit and mostly talks with his body.

6. He Was the First One


In the first episode, Barney is shown to be the most excellent friend of Marshall and Ted, who are not as cool. Ted is too shy to talk to Robin when he first sees her. He doesn’t know how to approach her, so Barney asks her, “Have you met Ted?”

That was the beginning of the love triangle between the three of them, which became the main plot of the series. He is also kind of why Ted is telling the story in the first place.

5. He changes for the better.


Throughout the series, there were many times when Barney did things that were either funny or completely pointless. But as time went on, he got better and more grown-up. When he spoke to his newborn daughter in the last scene, he showed how much he had changed.

4. He is strange.

Every time someone asks Barney what he does for a living, he says “please” and scoffs. This is a running joke in the show. In the last season, he finally tells everyone that his job is to “Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything,” which means that he would be the one to blame if the company got into trouble.

When it was revealed that he was helping the government catch his boss because his boss was the one who made his ex-girlfriend break up with him, the plot got more complicated. What a turn of events!

3. He is easy to talk to.


Even if they deny it, everyone wants to be like Barney Stinson. He gets everything he needs and has the confidence of someone who is not afraid of anything. His flaws and humanity are always brought up again and again. Even though many of his motivational speeches are somewhat immoral, they still have a substantial effect.

2. He keeps the show interesting.

There were so many times that Barney broke the ice or completely changed the mood. The other characters had more ups and downs than he did when it came to love, but he seldom lost his sense of humor. He was always a distraction when he was with the leading group. As soon as he showed up, the show got better.

1. He is the show’s most famous character.

Barney is a successful, flashy, and sassy guy who an actor plays with a lot of charm. Like Bart Simpson or Sheldon Cooper, he became the face of his show, which can’t be denied. Since the show’s first episode, there have been so many Barney memes that it would be strange if he weren’t a breakout character.

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