How I Met Your Father Learned from this Mistake of HIMYM

First, How I Met Your Father showed how much it learned from the controversial ending of How I Met Your Mother. How I Met Your Mother had only one end that made sense. However, the choices made in the early seasons and the show’s long run made many people feel like the show’s finale let them down.

Josh Radnor and Bob Saget starred in the original How I Met Your Mother. The first episode set up the idea of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) telling his kids how he met their mother. Robin (Cobie Smulders) is seen as a love interest in the first episode, but the final twist shows that she is not the mother. In the season 8 finale of HIMYM, Tracy McConnell (Christin Milioti) was shown for the first time. In the future, she died, and Ted and Robin got together, which was established in the finale. People didn’t like the ending because much of the show was about Ted and Robin’s relationship.

New episodes of HIMYF made it clear that they would not make the same mistake again. A love interest isn’t set up. But the show makes it into a mystery to find out who her father is. We don’t know what will happen, A montage of four possible fathers. Charlie, Jesse, Sid, and Ian are shown to the viewer. Sophie says that she met the father that night (Daniel Augustin). While viewers might have a favorite that they hope turns out to be the father.

They know that it will be one of the four at some point. So the whole show doesn’t feel like a joke.

It’s still possible that How I Met Your Father could do the same thing as the original show. A later episode or season could show that she met the father that night. And it was in an incident that wasn’t shown or was a character that was just there. However, this seems like a bad idea because it would be a big show of disrespect to the audience. After the montage that says, it is one of the four male figures seen.

While How I Met Your Father makes the identity of the person who will become your father a mystery. The show has already done a lot to clarify who the person will be. This shows how close Jesse and Sophie are in the first two episodes of How I Met Your Father. The show uses the couple as a way to teach viewers about love. The trailers for How I Met Your Father show Sophie on dates with Drew (Josh Peck) even though he isn’t shown as a possible father. This is because How I Met Your Father already said that Sophie will talk about other relationships that she has had. Make sure How I Met Your Father doesn’t do what How I Met Your Mother did at the show’s end.

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