HIMYF Theory Sets Up Tracy’s Perfect HIMYM Cameo

In the season 8 finale of HIMYM, Ted’s future wife, Tracy McConnell (Cristin Milioti), was finally revealed to be the mother after nearly a decade of building up to it. Then, HIMYM season 9 used flash-forwards to show glimpses of Ted’s life with Tracy in the future. Still, these small moments weren’t enough, especially considering how well Milioti’s character was liked before she died. One theory uses a new connection to set up a perfect cameo from the show’s main character, Tracy. Since Tracy is still alive in the current timeline of HIMYF, the spinoff series is the best way to learn more about Ted’s girlfriend.

After many talks about which HIMYM characters would show up in How I Met Your Father season 1, fans were surprised when four of their favourite characters appeared again. Sophie from How I Met Your Father told her son the story of The Captain and Becky’s divorce, which brought back The Captain and Becky’s fun and showed that the Pineapple Incident did happen. In the next episode, Cobie Smulders returned as Robin Scherbatsky, the famous Canadian reporter from How I Met Your Mother. She was at MacLaren’s Pub, where Carl was still working behind the bar. 

As the second season of How I Met Your Father gets closer, many people have ideas about which HIMYM character will appear next. Marshall and Lily are known to have sold the apartment to Jesse and Sid, but most theories focus on the return of HIMYM’s main character, Ted, the new father, Barney, and the title mother, Tracy. Barney and Ted’s cameos might not fit the story, but one theory about How I Met Your Father says that Tracy could come back as Hannah’s patient when she gets sick.

Why is Tracy the best HIMYM character to show up on How I Met Your Father?

Even though it would be fun to have the other main characters from How I Met Your Mother come back for the spinoff, Tracy is the best person to come back because her role was arguably the most important, even though she was on screen the least. Tracy was only in a few scenes during season 9 of HIMYM, so viewers had to get to know and like her. This worked well, but it felt unfair that they had so little time with her before the series finale when they found out she had died. Tracy is still alive in the season 2 timeline of How I Met Your Father, which means she could finally show up and get more screen time and attention than in the show’s ending.

Like Robin seemed different in Sophie’s story than in Ted’s, Tracy’s appearance on How I Met Your Father would give viewers a better look at this character, which they didn’t know well enough before she died. Tracy’s guest appearance on How I Met Your Father would also make the character better because it would let the show’s world show her in a way that wasn’t just from Ted’s memory. HIMYM showed Ted’s version of how they met and fell in love, but How I Met Your Father could finally show Tracy’s version. 

Where Is Tracy During the Timeline of “How I Met Your Father”?

The first season of HIMYF took place in 2022. All we know about Tracy during this time is that on New Year’s Day 2022, she drank Stinson’s Hangover Fixer Elixir. She married Ted in 2020; by 2022, Luke will be about seven years old, and Penny will be about seven. Tracy’s illness is unknown, so it’s unclear when she gets sick. However, the last episode of HIMYM showed that she died in 2024, so How I Met Your Father has at least one to two years to bring her back. Tracy will probably find out she’s sick in 2023 or early 2024. It’s not clear how late in 2024 she will die, though. So, it would make sense for How I Met Your Father to have Tracy in seasons 2 or 3.

HIMYF: When Tracy gets sick, Hannah will be her doctor.

Kazesora28 on Reddit believes Tracy could appear on HIMYF because she knows Sid’s wife, Hannah. Hannah’s job as a doctor is a big part of her storyline on How I Met Your Father. So, if Tracy shows up in seasons 2 or 3 of How I Met Your Father, she might be Hannah’s patient if she gets sick.

Hannah is still living in Los Angeles at the end of the first season of HIMYF. If she stays on the other side of the country for another year, her relationship with her husband, Sid, may worsen. Since HIMYM never said what illness killed Tracy and How I Met Your Father hasn’t said what kind of surgery Hannah does, there’s no way to say that Sid’s wife couldn’t be Tracy’s doctor, which supports the theory.

HIMYF’s appearance could bring up the debate about HIMYM’s ending.

Still, the controversy about the HIMYM series finale will probably come back. Bringing Tracy McConnell back would satisfy people who wanted to see more of the intense character before she died. Ted told his kids in 2030 that Tracy had died six years before he told them the story. In the twist ending of How I Met Your Mother, Ted’s kids convinced him to go after Robin right after telling them that Tracy had died. This showed that the whole story had been about his love for the girl who got away. This, of course, caused much controversy among viewers. One of the common complaints was that HIMYM spent most of season 9 making people fall in love with Tracy, then killed her off quickly to focus on Robin and Ted’s relationship.

Seeing Ted and Tracy happy together on HIMYF would be a great way to learn more about their real-life relationship, but it would also start a new debate about whether or not the show should have ended with them still together. If Tracy returns to How I Met Your Father, viewers will probably like her character, even more, bringing up old arguments about what happened to her at the end of the first season. But it might be a peace offering because a How I Met Your Father Tracy cameo would still let people learn more about her character in this period since she could never come back in a show after 2024.

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