How I Met Your Mother: 10 People Lily Should Have Dated Other Than Marshall

Marshall and Lily were great together but neither one of them had the chance to play the field. Had Lily dated around a bit, she may have found an even better match than Marshall. With guys like Scooter, Brad, and Gael, she had some pretty decent contenders in How I Met Your Mother.


Scooter may come off as a little obsessive when it comes to Lily, but that’s only because he loves her. These two were high school sweethearts but Lily broke things off with Scooter during their senior prom.


These two may seem like an unlikely pair but on paper, they’re perfect together. Best friendships often make the best foundations for successful romantic relationships. These two know everything there is to know about one another.


There’s no denying the fact that Barney has always been somewhat attracted to Lily. Knowing this, we can’t help but wonder if Lily would have given Barney a shot had she not always been with Marshall.


Carl the bartender deserved more screen time. Fans would have loved to see Carl have a storyline of his own, possibly one that focused on a romantic relationship with Lily.


Lily and Kevin never got together, but they should have. Kevin’s character is a bit controversial as he’s known for being both Robin’s therapist and boyfriend. Kevin and Robin just weren’t right for each other, but Kevin could have been the perfect love interest for Lily.


It’s no secret that Lily has feelings for this lovable taxi driver. In season seven, fans found out that Lily had a romantic dream about Ranjit – and Marshall was not happy about it.

The Captain

In season eight, The Captain quickly became a big part of Lily’s life when he hired her as his art consultant. This job was a huge step in the right direction for Lily’s art career. Unlike Marshall, The Captain believed in Lily’s artistic capabilities.


Even though Marshall and Brad became enemies towards the end of the series, Brad had been there for Lily in the past. Not only did he keep Marshall company during Lily and Marshall’s breakup, but he also helped Lily by attempting to kick Scooter out of their wedding.


Nick was never Lily’s love interest but it would have been great to see these two give a romantic relationship a shot. Robin and Nick’s relationship was rather rocky and ultimately ended by Barney forcing Robin’s hand.


Lily’s attraction to Gael was made pretty apparent in season three. He’s good looking, charming, and cultured – all things Lily finds extremely attractive. Even Marshall started to fall for Gael during their double date with him in the episode “Wait For It.”

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