How I Met Your Mother: 10 Things You Can’t Miss

Although the movie was loaded with life lessons, memorable phrases, and weirdly relatable yet farfetched characters, How I Met Your Mother also provided viewers with thousands of varied daily items that now had a whole new meaning. This program was destined for greatness from the start.

Sure, drinking at an Irish bar may make you wish you were in a booth at MacLaren’s, and hearing someone scream, “You son of a bitch,” may remind you of Lily Aldrin. Still, the program also provided us with nine seasons’ worth of emblems and trademarks that made it legen–wait for it—legendary.

An Umbrella in Yellow

Consider this: you’re strolling along a crowded sidewalk in the pouring rain. Everyone’s pink rain boots are splashing each other in the puddles, the thunder has brought out chit-chat, and your plain, old umbrella scrapes against someone’s beautiful yellow umbrella. Who is the first person who comes to mind?

A sandwich

Future Ted’s sugarcoated metaphor for smoking a joint was a long-running gag on the program. Instead of being honest with his children while informing them about his history, Future Ted tells them they were “eating a sandwich.”


Preferably an unintentional one. Since the season one episode “The Pineapple Incident,” pineapples have plagued How I Met Your Mother viewers. Ted wakes up with a female in his bed and a pineapple on his nightstand after a boozy night and makes it his mission throughout the series to figure out where it came from.


The swords that hung over the mantel in Ted’s apartment weren’t just for show. When the protagonists engaged in sword fights, their swords swung at each other multiple times. When How I Met Your Father characters Sid and Jesse moved into the same apartment where the blades remained, the swords became a HIMYM Easter egg.

A Mall

Raise your hand if, whenever someone recommends shopping, you exclaim, “Let’s go to the mall… today!” If you do, you will not only be outed as a huge Robin Sparkles fan but also be reminded of How I Met Your Mother, this time in song form.

Cowboy Boots in Red

No, not just any pair of cowboy boots will bring back memories of How I Met Your Mother. Ted managed to wear them with jeans, slacks, and even a robe when he was dating Robin. Only the red ones can pull that off, just as Ted believes he can play throughout the entire series.


The show’s recurring humor was Barney Stinson’s fixation with suits. Barney is said to own 210 suits he wears in every show episode. Yet he has only been seen 18 times in nine seasons without a suit.

2 a.m.

The phrase “Nothing Good Happens After 2 a.m.” is more than a season 1 episode title. When Ted believes his relationship with Victoria is about to end, and Robin invites Ted to her house at 2 a.m., Ted hurries over and informs her that he and Victoria have broken up. When Victoria calls asking for Ted, Ted not only loses her, but he also loses Robin.

The Term “Legendary”

The word ‘legendary’ indicates “excellent” or “exceptional.” It’s also Barney Stinson’s go-to term for positive things that have happened to him and his buddies. To avoid overuse, Barney frequently breaks the word in half with its associated catchphrase, “wait for it.”

French Horn in Blue

While a blue one may be difficult to find, it is challenging to look at a French horn without being reminded of the instrument that began it all. This How I Met Your Mother classic occurs in both the first and last episodes of the series. Where Ted steals it as a loving gesture for Robin.

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