How I Met Your Mother: 15 BTS Pics That Are LEGEN– Wait For It– DARY!

In 2005, we were gifted the very first episode of the legendary sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Viewers were wary at first, given the formula for the show. After all, how long could a story like this go on for, right? Well, 9 years, that’s how long! After the initial season came to a close, it wasn’t hard to tell we had a masterpiece in the making. The cast’s chemistry was incredible right off the bat, and the writers made the story work, giving us something that had never really been done before.

15. A Different Look For The Opening Credits

14. Oh, Honey!

13. Happy Hour

12. Barney Never Takes A Bad Picture

11. About To Watch Star Wars, We’re Sure

10. Robin & Gary Blauman?

9. Meeting Mom

8. All Suited Up!

7.Marshmallow & Lilypad

6. A Quick Selfie Break

5. Ted Rocked The Salt & Pepper Hair

4. We Miss These Two!

How I Met Your Mother

3. Quick Pic With Anita Appleby

2. Lily Is The Cutest Whale


1. Happy Blitzgivin

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