How I Met Your Mother: 9 Things That Wouldn’t Fly Today

How I Met Your Mother is undoubtedly iconic among comedies due to its lovable ensemble cast, uplifting stories, and amusing quips. However, like many programs from the early 2000s, it has elements that have not aged well.

From racist conduct to slut-shaming to the extremely unexpected and comical transphobia, HIMYM, while being one of CBS’s top comedies with far more good than bad, has cringeworthy and outright rude moments.


The gang’s favorite Bangladeshi taxi driver was Ranjit (Marshall Manesh), who greeted them with “Hello!” each time they climbed into his taxi. As lovable as a recurrent character, he has portrayed an incredibly discriminatory manner.

Homophobic Jokes

Seeing so many homophobic jokes in a New York City-based sitcom with an openly homosexual lead actor was always odd. It may be categorized as humor from the early 2000s, but it still wouldn’t fly now.

Barney’s Sexual Assaults

Barney Stinson was intended to be a player, a womanizer, and somebody whose primary aim in life was to sleep with women. Other times, the program went too far with Barney’s attitude and antics and bordered on sexual assault.

Fat Jokes

Friends, The Office, and even How I Met Your Mother was guilty of making direct fat jokes in the early 2000s, as was How I Met Your Mother. Several times, the characters insulted a character’s weight, but Patrice took the worst.


In HIMYM, slut-shaming frequently occurred, especially from the female characters. Lily and Robin would constantly humiliate the women Barney slept with, and Robin herself was deemed a slut for falling for one of Barney’s plays.

The Hot/Madness Scale

HIMYM was notorious for referring to women as “crazy” regardless of whether they were in a relationship. The men on the program were frightened and made jokes about it. Although it was not hilarious at the time or today.

Who Is Hot and Who Is Not?

The most troubling “joke” in HIMYM was the game Who’s Hot and Who’s Scott. In which the gang would study a gathering of ladies and try to identify the transsexual lady.

Jokes About the Feminine Sides of Male Characters

When HIMYM aired, it was typical for a male character’s femininity to be the punchline of a joke or numerous jokes.

The Racist Incident

If Ranjit’s racism wasn’t offensive enough, the primary cast was forced to engage in cultural appropriation.

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