HIMYM: Barney Vs Ted: Who Was Better For Robin?

Most fans, especially those who didn’t buy the creators’ “life is unfair” excuse, were upset by Barney and Robin’s sudden divorce. This led to a debate that seemed to go on forever about whether Ted was better for her or Barney. We’re ending this argument here, so keep reading to find out who wins.

10. Persistent To Get Her: Ted

If you watched the first episode of How I Met Your Mother and then went straight to the last one, you’d be shocked to see Ted pining after Robin in the ninth season, which takes place 25 years in the future in the show’s universe. Since she took Ted back, Robin wanted someone so desperate to be with her. But let’s face it, they weren’t Ross and Rachel.

9. Level of Interest: Barney

Robin felt this way about Barney early on, like when she looked for him in Season 3, even though she didn’t want to date him. Their most exciting scene was in Season 7 when they danced together and showed how much she liked him.

8. Compatibility in Real Life: Ted

The time he and Robin were engaged showed that it was hard for Robin to live with him because she kept finding out strange things about him. Robin didn’t have nearly as many problems when she lived with Ted.

7. The Same Way of Thinking: Barney

Most fans liked him and Robin because their personalities went so well together. They didn’t have any emotional baggage, unlike Ted and Robin, who had much of that.

6. Better Friend: Ted

From an emotional point of view, Ted was there for Robin more than for Barney. Robin would go to Barney first when she wanted a fun, easy time, but Ted would be the one to start an emotional connection.

5. It’s Better to Follow Barney:

Unlike other women, Robin accepted Barney’s antics and would find hilarity in them. For example, when Barney wanted to see the girl with the “ridonkulous” figure, Robin also wanted to see her. They also had a funny way of avoiding fights, which was much better than seeing Robin and Ted pout after they fought.

4. Grand Gestures: Barney

This was a close one because Ted is the king of big gestures. However, Robin never seemed to find it charming when Ted did something big for her. At the same time, he pulled out “The Robin,” a complicated plan that was the grandest of gestures, from his playbook.

3. Ted is my first choice.

Barney would have never had a chance with Robin if Ted hadn’t let go of her. In Season 4, Robin’s first interest in a casual relationship was with Ted, and again, Ted ended things so that he could have her.

2. What Barney Wants in Life:

Ted and Robin couldn’t have gotten married when they were young because Ted was set on having a wife, a house, and kids, but Robin didn’t want any of those things. At the same time, Barney didn’t have a problem with Robin wishing to work and not have kids in the future.

1. Winner: Barney

Overall, Barney was the one who brought out Robin’s fun side. He was the one who got her to think about getting married and settling down for once, and he always accepted whatever choice Robin made, which made her feel less guilty and angry.

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