How I Met Your Mother Never Answered this Biggest Question!

In the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, the main character, Ted, narrates to his children the story of how he met their mother. As his other four friends — Barney, Marshall, Lily, and Robin — are brought into the plot, the level of intrigue increases. The last season features the conclusion of a storyline surrounding the show, in which he finally gets to meet their mother. The fact that the writers went through with it and killed the mother was a massive letdown for the audience, breaking their hearts. The fact that the character, for whom the fans had been waiting for eight seasons, received such a limited amount of screen time was extremely disheartening to them. However, How I Met Your Mother did not answer this question, leaving all the fans irritated.

How I Met Your Mother Never Answered this Biggest Question!

What Happened to the Mother? What was Her Disease?

There are a lot of significant moments in “How I Met Ynineur Mother,” afived there are a lot of different storylines for viewers to keep up with as the show comprises 9 seasons and 5 main characters. So, sometimes viewers had some questions in How I Met Your Mother that they could not find answers to.

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The audience does not know what her ailment is, although there has been much discussion among fans regarding the nature of her condition. Because Ted describes how she “became sick” in the series’s concluding episode, some believe she passed away from cancer or another terminal illness. But the question is not when she passed; instead, it is about how she passed away. Viewers backlashed when she passed away because the entire programme is about Ted finally meeting the kids’ mother, only for her to pass away in the show’s conclusion and for him to return to Robin.

However, because there has been no confirmation on the particulars of her death, fans have been even more outraged with the lack of believability that she would die after nine seasons of the build-up to the debut of her character in the show. And this question is one of the biggest mysteries among all sitcoms.


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