How I Met Your Mother: The Wedding-Dress Disaster That Killed Her

The moment Cristin Milioti’s doe-eyed mother walked into MacLaren’s Pub in her wedding gown, I knew this ending was going to be explosive.

Based on the side view, it appeared to be a shoddy costume rental, most likely handmade. The glare of the studio lights on the fabric seemed to highlight the flaws of a sloppy sewing job. Along the seam, it appeared to shirr slightly. “Does her dress have a huge snag in it?” I was perplexed. As the freeze-frame revealed, it was just a bad seam job joining the bias train. It didn’t quite fit her figure as well as the silhouette suggested. And there it was, the hem: The dress wasn’t even hemmed properly.

Our final image shows the two clasping hands and exchanging vows — and she appears to be wearing slight platforms to offset her overly-long gown, which should only be grazing the ground at her toes. This is the title character from a popular nine-season television show!

I’m taking up arms against the show’s stylist and art director for such a blunder. Given the plot’s requirement for a last-minute wedding gown, couldn’t the costume department have afforded a different gown or, at the very least, a tailor? Even if it was just to keep up with that other leading lady’s Monique Lhuillier gown.

E! spoke with Reiko Kurumada, the show’s stylist, about the dress:

While I appreciate the intended simplicity, Kurumada’s other remarks give me pause:

I completely disagree. The lack of interest in Mrs. Mosby’s dress suggests a lack of interest in Mrs. Mosby herself.

And, like Ted, we had been waiting for the universe to make its grand reveal. At the very least, this woman deserved something comparable.

I don’t mean anything ostentatious. But at the very least, let me bury her memory in a real ivory satin funeral bier. Please use only natural fibers.

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