How I Met Your Mother Theory: There Is A Sixth Member of the Gang

The five best friends at the center of How I Met Your Mother recorded several legendary nights they spent together. In the pilot episode of HIMYM, Robin Scherbatsky, played by Cobie Smulders, is introduced to the group. From then on, Ted, Marshall, Barney, Lily, and Robin make up the show’s core group. Still, one idea says there was a sixth gang member that no one knew about. Since college, Ted, Marshall, and Lily have been best friends. Barney and Robin joined them a few years after meeting at MacLaren’s Pub. But a theory says that there may have been another member of the Gang before Barney and Robin.

Some recurring characters from How I Met Your Mother, like Barney’s brother James. Marshall’s friend Brad, the Gang’s limo driver Ranjit, George “The Captain” Van Smoot, Stuart. And Ted’s girlfriend of the season, would sometimes join the core five on their adventures. However, the only characters who would always be there were the core five. But in the flash-forwards of season 9, How I Met Your Mother finally added a sixth official member to the group. By the show’s end, Ted’s wife Tracy was friends with all of them. In the future of How I Met Your Mother after Tracy and Ted started a family, the group shrunk back to five people as Robin drifted away.

What the Blitz Curse on How I Met Your Mother Means

The Curse of the Blitz has first mentioned in the HIMYM season 6 episode “The Blitz”. Ted, Marshall, and Steve, Lily’s friend from Wesleyan University, joined the Gang on their Thanksgiving 2010 adventures. Because of the Curse of the Blitz, people miss out on legendary events or miracles. People think that if The Blitz wasn’t there, crazy things like this might happen to other people. Bob Saget’s Future Ted says that Wesleyan student Matt Blitz started the Curse of the Blitz when he left the school right before it became co-ed. The curse went to two more students before it ended with Ted, Marshall, and Lily’s classmate Steve, who kept it for 13 years.

The Blitz was the 6th member of the Gang, according to the HIMYM theory.

Reddit user who ology has a theory about How I Met Your Mother that says Steve “The Blitz” Henry was always the group’s sixth member. The idea says that The Blitz is never seen with the team before or after HIMYM’s season 6 episode. Because everything in the show happens after he’s left. This would explain why the only time The Blitz is seen with the main characters of HIMYM is when the curse is lifted. He was cursed while the Gang was in college and until Thanksgiving 2010. He just wasn’t there when Ted told his best stories.

Ted is telling his children the best stories from this time in his life because they are memorable. And Steve wouldn’t have been there for any of those events if it weren’t for the Curse of the Blitz. But he might have been hanging out with the group before or after those famous events. Making him the unofficial sixth member of the group of friends from How I Met Your Mother.

What happened to Blitz after Season 6 of HIMYM?

In the season 9 episode “Gary Blauman,” Ted talked about what was happening with some of the best recurring or guest characters, like The Blitz. As his bad luck would cause him to miss the jackpot by just one turn at a casino slot machine. The only time How I Met Your Mother showed how The Blitz interacted with the characters was in the Thanksgiving episode of season 6. But Ted later told what happened to Steve. Even if the theory is true, Steve Henry will never get to see the Gang’s most legendary moments unless How I Met Your Father brings back The Blitz in the future. He’s always a part of the boring things they do.

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