What Would Happen in How I Met Your Mother Season 10?

With the end of the first season of the How I Met Your Mother spin-off series How I Met Your Father, people are again talking about how the show ended. HIMYM, which ended after nine seasons, surprised viewers when it revealed that the mother Ted had been talking about with his kids had been dead for five years. The point of his long story was to get his kids’ permission to start dating again.

People didn’t like the end of the show very much, and some people wanted a new ending or a 10th season. Fans and even the show’s star, Jason Segal, have said they want there to be a 10th season. It’s been almost 10 years since the show came to an end. But what would this season be about? There are a lot of ways that Redditors can help.

Ted and Tracy have a relationship.

A lot of people were disappointed by the fact that only a few episodes of Ted and his wife were shown to the public. It took nine seasons to get to that point. When Limpy spacecakes looks at the Reddit thread, she thinks that a season dedicated to “them building their relationship for the audience” would be great.

Barney and his daughter are having a good time together

In the last few episodes of the show, a lot happened. Barney quickly went from being married to Robin to being a player again, and then to being a father. It was hard for people to keep up with the quick changes in his story. Barney is still hard to picture as a father because the role seems to go against his personality.

People who are married, like Barney and Robin,

During their wedding weekend, Robin and Barney had a lot of fun and got married. However, after two years, they decide that getting divorced would be best for both of them. It was frustrating for fans of the show How I Met Your Mother when they got divorced only one episode later. There had been a lot of attention paid to their relationship and marriage.

During their trip to Rome, Lily and Marshall met up with each other.

During the last season, a big question was whether or not Lily and Marshall would move to Italy. Finally, they made the move, and viewers can see that they took their parents and their new baby, Daisy, with them when they did it. However, there isn’t much else that is shown about their time away from home.

The whole show starts over again.

Most Redditors had ideas for how to keep the show going, but user ChuckFinley222 thought that a 10th season would be better if it started the whole thing over again. Ted wakes up, it was all a dream, and they are back in the S1E1 Pilot again.

Ted and Robin a year after they met

The show ends with Ted holding out the famous blue french horn to Robin, who beams down at him. This means that Robin must have felt the same way about him. It was hard for people to watch Ted and Robin’s relationship go ups and downs at times.

Everyone is having a good time.

Episodes in which the group is just having fun at a bar are some of the best. While some of the things that happened around them looked like they were out of this world, the connection between the characters and the adventures they had at MacLaren’s Pub is what made the group so real.

As Time Goes By: Telling Stories At The Bar, Many Years Ago

People on Reddit also want a 10th season to start after Robin and Ted get back together. However, they say that after Barney’s funeral, the group met at the bar to drink beer and talk about Barney’s death. While the mood at first would be gloomy, the group would soon start remembering the crazy things Barney had done and other important events in their lives.

Robin had a job before.

Robin’s cameo in How I Met Your Father has made people think more about what Robin’s life was like after she left the group. Her job has taken her all over the world, and she’s been attacked by a bull in a bullfight in Spain.

In an alternate final season, there is a different ending.

It was possible for How I Met Your Mother to have a different ending. Ted meets Tracy, and the two live happily ever after. They did not want to go with this heartfelt ending, but many people still prefer it to the one where Tracy dies.

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