How I Met Your Mother: Why Marshall and Daphne Had to Leave Their Plane

“How I Met Your Mother” is an iconic sitcom from its era, airing 208 episodes across nine seasons. Ted, Barney, Marshell, Robin, Tracy (Mother), and Lilly are the six main characters featured in this season. This season spotlights many different storylines, and each story’s plot has earned much attention. It’s one of the best storylines in How I Met Your Mother when Marshall and Daphne are asked to leave the plane.

How I Met Your Mother Cast

Marshall and Lilly begin dating during their college years, and throughout the years, they go through ups and downs, eventually reconciling and getting back together. In Season 2, Marshall Makes a Last-Ditch Effort to Convince Lilly to Marry Him. The two of them Eventually Do so and Have Two Children. In Season 2, Marshall interacts with various characters. Some put him in trouble and make storylines relating to him more interesting. The plot involving Marshall and Daphne is one of those stories in which the marshal gets into some kind of trouble.

Marshall And Daphne Asked To Leave the Plane because Daphne Got into a Fight

In season 9 and episode “The Locket,” Marshall is flying from Minnesota to New York. While on the plane, he talks on the phone with his mother, which makes the flight late. The person sitting next to him, Daphne, gets into a fight over the phone and is kicked off the plane. Then, they find out that there is only room for one more person on the last flight to New York.

How I Met Your Mother: Why Marshall and Daphne Had to Leave Their Plane
Marshall And Daphne – How I Met Your Mother

In Coming Back, Daphne and Marshall discover that there is a storm. And that all flights to and from New York have been cancelled. This makes them rush to the car rental place to get a car. When Marshall gets the keys to the last car at the dealership, he and Daphne make a deal: Daphne will get a car seat for Marvin, and then they will split the drive to New York. Daphne seems to leave Marshall behind when she leaves, but she soon comes back, demanding that she pick up the music and that Marshall pays for the gas. Marshall agrees.

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