How I Met Your Mother: Worst Mistake of Ted Mosby

Ted Mosby, the series’ lead, did many terrible things during the run of How I Met Your Mother, but one of them stands out above the rest. Ted’s bad boyfriend traits range from dumping Natalie on her birthday (twice) to cheating on Victoria. Robin Scherbatsky, on the other hand, was the one who suffered the most as Ted’s girlfriend.

Ted and Robin were doomed from the start to have a series romance. With seeds planted in season 1 before they met in season 2. Ted and Robin’s relationship was not without its ups and downs. On the other hand, Ted asked Robin to do something that many would consider a dealbreaker in a long-term relationship in one HIMYM season 2 episode.

Ted’s worst mistake was to ask Robin to get rid of her dogs. Five of them to be exact, in season 2, episode 16 of the show. As if requesting that someone get rid of their pets wasn’t bad enough, Ted’s reasoning for doing so was even worse. Ted requested that Robin get rid of her dogs because they reminded him of her ex-boyfriends’ relationships, which was a roadblock to growing their relationship. On the other hand, Ted failed to recognize how unique and essential dogs can be to a person, despite framing this argument to himself as perfectly reasonable.

Ted attempted to make the situation with Robin’s dogs appear more complex. After Ted began confusing things he did with exes with stuff he did with Robin earlier in the episode. Robin asked him to dispose of some of his gifts from ex-girlfriends. Ted agrees after the group sides with Robin in the debate.

Ted and Robin’s relationship was also relatively new at the time. Though the couple decided to move in together by the end of the episode. They hadn’t even celebrated their first anniversary. Some fans think it was a bit much for a boyfriend to ask a girlfriend to give up beloved pets after only a year of dating. Especially since Ted and Robin’s relationship was already rocky.

Ted and Robin’s relationship was always tumultuous, if not outright tumultuous. While Robin was the target of many of Ted’s outbursts, despite his erratic behavior on the show. His request for her to get rid of her dogs was by far the worst thing Ted did to HIMYM. Despite the series ending, which saw Ted and Robin end up together somewhat unceremoniously. Their friendship grew increasingly difficult to maintain for the series.

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