How I Met Your Mother’s Dark Doppelganger Theory Actually Makes Sense

Even though the popular sitcom has been gone since 2014, How I Met Your Mother still arouses curiosity from both new and faithful fans of the show. The internet is still rich with fan theories, some more plausible than others. One fan theory, in particular, suggests that the sitcom’s infamous doppelgangers that reoccur throughout the show are representations of the character’s darkest desires and not actual doppelgangers at all. But of all the wild fan theories out there right now, this one actually seems to make some sense.

If the doppelgangers are supposed to represent each of the character’s darkest desires, then it seems to be hitting the mark with each example. Barney’s doppelganger, which turns out to be Lily and Marshall’s fertility doctor Dr. John Stangel, gets to fulfill one of Barney’s most honest desires — examing women all day, every day. Mexican Wrestler Ted epitomizes the masculinity and confidence that Ted strives for, while Stripper Lily reveals the adventure and daring that Lily suppresses to become a kindergarten teacher. And Mustache Marshall is as simple as it gets — the desire for the full and luxurious mustache that Marshall always wanted to grow.

Though the theory is mostly true, it could use a bit of development in terms of specificity. These doppelgangers, which are certainly not actual doppelgangers since the odds of seeing five of them within one friend group is insane, can definitely be seen as an amalgamation of the character’s desires, regrets and ambitions. But regardless of its validity, the theory’s popularity just goes to show how much interest How I Met Your Mother garners almost a decade since its conclusion.

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