How Many Plays Are in Barney Playbook’s in ‘HIMYM’?

Barney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris on the show “How I Met Your Mother,” was known to be a womanizer. So, it was not much of a shock when the somewhat shady businessman showed his Playbook to his friends. The famous book became another thing that people often thought of when they thought of Barney, his suits, the fact that he could never take a bad picture, and his catchphrases.

Even though the book itself didn’t show up very often, Barney talked about it a lot throughout the series. Because Barney used the Playbook so often, many people wondered: how many plays does it have?

What is the playbook of Barney Stinson?

He used some of the tricks in the book to pick up women. He uses the Playbook to meet Lily’s friend Alyson Hannigan, but Lily had planned for her to meet Ted (Josh Radnor). In the episode, Barney goes out with other women again after he breaks up with Robin (Cobie Smulders).

Lily takes Barney’s Playbook because she is mad about what he did. She plans to put everything in it online. But she and her friends are too interested in waiting, so they watch Barney do his “Scuba Diver” play. The play turned out to be a very long trick to get Lily to set up Barney with someone.

The Playbook has how many plays?

He never says how many plays there are in the Playbook. Fans of How I Met Your Mother can get an actual playbook with more than 75 plays, though. It says in summary:

With The Playbook’s help, you can walk up to any beautiful woman, find out what she wants, and use that to get her to sleep with you. You’ll learn more than seventy-five seduction techniques from pickup guru and all-around nice guy Barney Stinson. These techniques will make you a real ladies’ man.

Barney’s plays from the show, like “The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn” and “The Time Traveler,” are some of the best parts of the actual Playbook. Even plays that were never discussed in How I Met Your Mother is in the book.

How I Met Your Mother: In what episode does Barney Stinson burn the Playbook?

In season 8, Barney burns the Playbook that he loved so much. But, as Barney usually does, that’s part of another play. He uses a fake playbook as part of a plan to make Robin think he is getting married to Patrice (Ellen D. Williams). Barney keeps a second playbook and uses one page to tell Robin his plan: to ask her to marry him.

He no longer needs the Playbook for himself but uses it to help Ted find a new girlfriend after his breakup with Jeanette (Abby Elliott). When Jeanette finds out about Ted’s date, she burns the Playbook, which is terrible for Barney.

In season 9, The Playbook is back for another round. Just before Barney’s wedding, he meets two young men and gets so drunk that he can teach them how to pick up women. In the end, he gives them a bunch of plays he wrote on napkins.

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