Jason Segel Says He is Ready to Appear in HIMYM Season 10

Pamela Fryman, who is in charge of the 10th season of How I Met Your Mother, says that Jason Segel wants to be in it. The first episode of HIMYM aired on CBS in September 2005. It ran for nine years and 208 episodes before ending in September 2013 with a very controversial ending. The first season of “HIMYF,” a new show based on the show, is now over. People have called it one of the best American comedies of the 2000s, and its first season just ended.

HIMYM is about a guy named Ted Mosby, a hopeless romantic. In the year 2030, he tells his son and daughter the story of how he met their mother and fell in love with her. Craig Thomas and Carter Bays made the show. It was up for 91 awards and won 21 of them during its run. Since 2009, the show has been boring. Some fans of HIMYM want a different ending, while others want a new season.

Even though the show hasn’t been on for almost a decade, the cast and creators, Bays and Thomas, are still in touch and help each other with their careers. When TVLine talked to Fryman about the end of How I Met Your Father in a special interview, she spoke about the show’s future and said that she and the cast had discussed the possibility of a 10th season. When the show’s director suggested a 10th season, Jason Segel, who played Marshall on How I Met Your Mother, was pleased. Here is the full quote from Fryman. It’s here for you to read.

Everyone was excited when this [sequel series] came out. Everyone always cheers for everyone else. I send them a text that says, “Season 10! Guys, we could do that! Jason Segel always says, “OK, I’m in. Just let me know where to go.”

After popular shows like Sex and the City came back on the air recently. People may have helped this happen because streaming services let them feel nostalgic. From what Fryman said, the original cast would be willing to do the show again at some point. This could get easier because streaming platforms have much more freedom when picking up canceled shows and giving them a new season of life, as Netflix did with Arrested Development. This could make the shows better for both old and new fans.

The main cast of HIMYM includes Segel, Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan, Josh Radnor, and Neil Patrick Harris. Any chance of a 10th season would depend on how much they want to do it and how much time they have. There’s a good chance that their schedules would be a significant factor in any decision. Some people also think that the show was too old for its time. While still being true to the characters and story of the show. This might not be easy. People will have to worry and wait to see what happens to find out if there is any chance of a comeback.

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