Josh Radnor Makes Fun Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ For Being Dragged Out Show

Josh Radnor, who played Ted Mosby in the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother, recently mocked the show for being too long.

Some TV shows can restore your faith in romance. Many of the post-Friends generations loved How I Met Your Mother. Despite the strong character development, realistic storyline, and heart-melting moments, fans were disappointed by the ending.

Josh Radnor seems to get it, as he recently stated on Instagram that he shares the sentiment (which he appears to have since deleted).

The post was a picture of what appeared to be the How I Met Your Mother DVD boxset. Radnor’s caption was, “Well…yeah.” that’s how I stretched a 15-minute story into nine years. Despite the mediocre ending, others thought it was the best show ever and praised the post.

“People will feel how they will feel about that,” said Cobie Smulders, who plays Robin in the show. But I think we’ve had enough time.” She said that after learning the ending, people will watch the show differently and “get a little more of a connection for other relationships.”

Regardless, the show surprised its original fans with unexpected twists and turns and an unexpected ending.

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