Only Character of HIMYM Who Can’t Appear on HIMYF – Here’s Why?

Ranjit is a former New York taxi driver from Bangladesh who now works as a chauffeur for limousines. He does not, however, possess a driver’s licence. Since his first appearance, Ranjit has maintained positive relationships with all of the key characters and is upbeat.

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For two reasons, Ranjit shouldn’t appear in How I Met Your Father despite being a perennially entertaining fan favourite. He performed a unique role on How I Met Your Mother, offering the entire cast a sympathetic ear, emotional support, and a shoulder to cry on. Returning him in the same capacity would be too similar to simply rerunning the programme’s first season. Ranjit forming an unexpected friendship with a different generation of friends would be too over-the-top even for the sitcom’s cartoony world, as How I Met Your Father already admitted how implausible Robin caring about Sophie’s love life was.

The nature of Ranjit’s work is the more significant issue with bringing him back for a cameo on How I Met Your Father. Ranjit was older than the rest of the cast when How I Met Your Mother first aired, which added to the character’s appeal. As such, he merits a happy ending like the rest of the cast. It may not be the fun nostalgic cameo that the How I Met Your Father creators would be hoping for, and it may be unintentionally depressing to reveal that Ranjit is now working as an Uber driver in his seventies. The unjustified reappearance of Ranjit from How I Met Your Mother could threaten How I Met Your Father’s ability to strike the delicate balance between nostalgic fan service and in-universe justification as the show enters season 2.

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