Proof that Barney Stinson was the Best Character on HIMYM

Womanizer. Blunt. Inappropriate. Many people, including those who don’t watch How I Met Your Mother, use these words to describe Barney Stinson. In the show, the character was played by Neil Patrick Harris. People liked his catchphrases, his love of well-tailored suits (even though they didn’t always fit), and his magnetic charm, which wasn’t always right. Barney was much more than Ted Mosby’s sex-obsessed best friend. It was like a breath of air when Barney returned to the screen. In 9 seasons, Barney showed that he was always there for his friends, built strong relationships with people he cared about, and saved the day more than we can remember. Here’s why HIMYM’s best character was Barney: He was always a nice person.

People knew a lot of his catchphrases.

When you say “legendary,” it’s almost impossible not to think of Barney simultaneously. I liked that the most. What is he even thinking? “Suit up!” and all of his high 5, like “almighty five” and “self-five,” aren’t the only things I like about him.

It was meant for them to be together.

Even though they didn’t get married, there’s no doubt that these two were a great match. They had similar interests and personalities and were always there for each other. Remember how Robin went to Canada when he was so drunk? Yep. Barney was waiting for her when she got to New York to take her back home. After that, they went to Tim Horton’s, where some scary Canadians tried to pick on her, and he wanted to protect her. The wedding was so cute (although their marriage was sadly short-lived). In my heart, I know that Robin loved Barney for who he was, and that makes me happy.

It worked because he was a good friend to both Ted and Marshall.

If I’m being honest, I don’t think Marshall and Ted liked Barney very much. Barney meant well in everything he did, even though some went wrong. We won’t discuss Ted’s bachelor party when he almost married Stella. He wanted his friends to live their lives to the fullest. Someone else gave him a lot of help, too. Barney did it. If you gave credit to those who deserve it. Despite Ted telling Barney that Marshall was his best friend, not Barney, I knew that Ted appreciated Barney’s friendship because he told me so many times.

He did a lot of things well.

If Barney’s one-person show had moved to Broadway, it would have been easy for him to win a Tony. He was also very good at making magic tricks and editing videos. Barney only showed off his skills outside of school a few times in front, but they were fun to see. It showed even more than Barney was excellent in almost every part of his life. Neil Patrick Harris is also a magician, which is fun to know. He can do everything.

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