Some Images from the Sets Of ‘How I Met Your Father’

New images from Hulu’s upcoming HIMYF show include some silly hijinks that tie the show to its predecessor, How I Met Your Mother. The beloved CBS sitcom followed Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and his friends as they navigated romantic and professional obstacles in early-aughts New York City. Still, its long-awaited spin-off will focus on Hilary Duff’s Sophie. There have been rumors of a female-led product for years, but it has gone through several creative changes to get to this point. How I Met Your Father, directed by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, is set to premiere on Hulu in mid-January (Love, Victor).

Like how Bob Saget provided the voice for an older Ted’s stories, Kim Cattrall will play Sophie’s future self. Sophie tells the (unlikely) long story of meeting her children’s father in How I Met Your Father. Sophie and her friends will embark on self-discovery and love journeys in the age of dating apps in the stories set in 2022. Chris Lowell, Francia Raisa, Tom Ainsley, Tien Tran, and Suraj Sharma co-star alongside Suraj Sharma in How I Met Your Father.

The entire ensemble is on display in new How I Met Your Father photos shared by TVLine. Although the two images bear little resemblance to the flagship HIMYM, the spirit remains. The first image shows Sophie and her friends at their favorite pub, Pemberton’s (likely to be the new MacLaren’s). At the same time, the second’s antics are eerily similar to those of the original series. Please take a look at them down below.

How I Met Your Father begins with Sophie turning 30 years old, as the second image clearly shows. Although she is entering a new phase of her life. Her friends appear to be perfectly content to engage in silly antics. Watching whatever is going on in the above image come to life in the series premiere will undoubtedly be hilarious. The arrival of Sophie’s 30s brings some trepidation. As she struggles to find a meaningful connection with someone. As the How I Met Your Father trailer teased. But with a supportive group of friends by her side, she’ll indeed find her way.

How I Met Your Mother’s controversial ending has been hotly debated for years. But fans of the show still have a lot of love for it. As a result, there are numerous reasons to be enthusiastic about this spin-off. Although it will focus on new characters. How I Met Your Father appears to be keeping the elements that made the natural show so famous. If all of the episodes are successful. This could become the next big thing.

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