Sorry Jason Segel, How I Met Your Mother Season 10 Is A Terrible Idea

Jason Segel is onboard for How I Met Your Mother season 10, but regardless of the actor’s enthusiasm, returning to the series is terrible. Director Pamela Fryman stated in an interview that Segel, who played the lovable Marshall Eriksen throughout the show’s original run, is always the first name to respond positively to any talks of resurrecting HIMYM for season 10. This is understandable given the success of the sequel series How I Met Your Father, which has been renewed for season 2. However, because of how HIMYM ended, it’s likely better for all involved to shelve the idea of a reboot temporarily.

In 2014, when How I Met Your Mother’s controversial finale premiered, many longtime viewers were left feeling dissatisfied with how the series ended. In the finale, much of the goodwill they show earned over its 9-season run was extinguished in one fell swoop. And, beyond the finale, the show had already been on the decline for several seasons. Because of this, it’s understandable that Segel would want to reboot HIMYM, perhaps in an attempt to undo the mistakes made by the show in its final years.

However, as other recently revamped series have shown, a reboot of HIMYM wouldn’t necessarily fix a show that had already run out of steam by its finale. HIMYM season 10 could run the risk of being just as controversial as the original series. If the reboot began featuring new characters meant to distract from past HIMYM mistakes (such as a lack of diversity) or lazy attempts at recognizing previous slip-ups, the series would amount to a misguided attempt at revitalizing the love of the series, particularly as the HIMmember’smember’s cameos on How I Met Your Father is already working well for the franchise anyway.

For example, I couldn’t get the entire original cast for a reboot—similar to Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That—the series could run the risk of jamming in new characters like the fraught Che Diaz which can occasionally feel like pandering. HIMYM was originally critiqued for featuring an all-white cast, a criticism that And Just Like That addressed mixed results. Conversely, How I Met Your Father has already fixed this critique. With its inclusion of a more diverse central cast, there’s no need for HIMYM to try their hand at answering this critique with a reboot of their own.

HIMYM had already been on the decline for years before the series’ controversial finashow’se show’s final season was criticized rightfully for taking place for 72 hours, a device that felt gimmicky at best, at worst, staid. Thanks to several flash-forwards and time skips, fans already know what to expect from the characters and their respective futures. How I Met Your Mother season 10 picking up after Ted and Tracy get together, for instance, creates problems of its own. Marshal and Lilly moving to Italy for a year, and Robin constantly traveling for work means that opportunities to bring HIMYM’s characters back together are few and far between.

To make a sequel series work, writers and creators have to expand the world and continue the characters’ growth. Inevitably, though some of the original cast may be keen on revitalizing HIMYM, any reboot attempt would be met with intense scrutiny and likely find itself meandering and retconning prior series mistakes. However, given How I MMother’sMother’s past mistakes, it seems likely that season 10 would only be an apologetic treatise, desperately bargaining with angry fans for some of their goodwill back.

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