The Best Tracy Moment On HIMYM According To Fans

From 2005 to 2014, the CBS sitcom “HIMYM” won over critics and fans with its rom-com style and tongue-in-cheek humour (via Rotten Tomatoes). Carter Bays and Craig Thomas made the show. Josh Radnor played Ted Mosby, a hopeless romantic in his twenties looking for his perfect partner in New York City. Along the way, his best friends from college, Lily Aldrin (Alyson Hannigan) and Marshall Eriksen (Jason Segel), encourage him, while his friend Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), who is always getting into trouble, tells him to play the field. Throughout all eight seasons, an older Ted (Bob Saget) tells his teenage children about his problems. This builds up to the climactic reveal of who the troubled but hopeful main character marries.

During the show’s run, people often wrote down clues from each episode, like one-off lines or references to pop culture, that might have pointed to who the future mother was (via Bustle). In the last season, Ted says that he sees Tracy McConnell (Cristin Milioti), the mother of his children, at Barney and Robin’s wedding reception. This comes after mishaps and missed chances (Cobie Smulders). Soon after, the long-awaited couple finally met, huddling together under an iconic yellow umbrella in the rain.

Before they were officially together, Tracy’s sharp wit and kindness made fans happy.

Even though many viewers didn’t like the show’s ending (as reported by Vulture), they liked how Milioti played the mysterious Tracy.

Here’s the scene that most of her fans seemed to love.

Tracy gets a new roommate who tells a great joke.

How I Met Your Mother

u/mazgrog posted a fan-favourite Tracy moment from the show in a Reddit thread. During her Economics 305 class at Columbia University, Tracy turns to a classmate named Cindy and says, “I’d be happy to share a room with you.” “Join me in my home! My roommate has just left!” Cindy is surprised and says, “But are you sure? You just met me! I might kill a lot of people.” Tracy says with a smile, “I like to believe in people.” She also says, “How likely is it that we’re both serial killers?”

Other users agreed and said they grew to like Tracy because of the unexpected humour of the moment. U/karstaang emphasised, “One of the best lines in the whole series. Her way of talking is funny.” u/bigb9919 agreed and said, “Haha, I tell this joke all the time!”

One Redditor said that Tracy’s popularity seemed to be why fans had mixed feelings about the last episode of HIMYM. “It ended up being a problem because people liked the mother so much that they hated how the series ended,” said a user.

Infamously, the show ends with Tracy dying of a disease no one knows about after getting married to Ted. Years later, Ted realises that he still has feelings for Robin. Many critics panned the story choice, saying that it was a failed attempt to add an unpredictable plot twist at the end of the play that betrayed the main characters (via The Mary Sue). Even worse, it seemed to make Tracy a small part of Ted’s life, even though she had won over the audience with charm.

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