The Saddest Moment in HIMYM History Was Actually Improvised

Some of the best oneliners and scenes from shows like Friends and The Office were made up on the spot. With one notable exception, the episodes of How I Met Your Mother rarely allowed for much improvisation on the actors’ parts. HIMYM was known for using comedic relief to lighten up dark scenes.

While there were many tearjerker scenes and episodes in How I Met Your Mother. One of the most heartbreaking was season 7’s “Symphony of Illumination.”  Where Robin learns she cannot have children. And the characters of HIMYM encountered more of life’s deeply tragic, unavoidably bleak aspects. The actor Jason Segel, who played Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother. Improvised the saddest, most devastating scene in the series.

In HIMYM season 6, episode 13, “Bad News.”  The scene occurs near the end of an episode of How I Met Your Mother. In which Marshall is expecting bad news about his fertility prospects. Marshall gets the good news that he and Lily can have children. Only for his teary-eyed wife to arrive in a taxi cab and tell him that his father had a heart attack and died. Marshall’s response is heartbreaking: “My father’s dead?” he says. He weeps in Lily’s arms, “I’m not ready for this.” It’s all about the scene, which is powerful and emotionally moving.

These kinds of scenes, as well as unexpected twists like Marshall’s father’s death. Contribute to How I Met Your Mother’s enduring popularity. While the main characters are almost always goofy, unconventional, and sarcastic. The scenes where they take a break to show the core characters’ true hearts. And dramatic milestones are what make following them for nine years so worthwhile. Whether it’s Barney watching Robin shake her head because she didn’t break up with Kevin. Robin was learning she can’t have children, Ted’s wife was dying tragically of an illness. Or Marshall’s father was dying unexpectedly, HIMYM puts its actors’ emotional and improvisational versatility to the test.

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