This Barney and Nora Storyline from HIMYM is Repeated by HIMYF

Sophie and her tooth were the subjects of a story in the spin-off series How I Met Your Father, episode 8. It was almost the same as a scene between Barney and Nora in How I Met Your Mother. Nearly a decade after How I Met Your Mother finished its 9 seasons, the spin-off show has been on TV. This has made How I Met Your Father walk a very fine line between paying homage to the original show and trying to come up with a new tone.

This is the eighth episode of How I Met Your Father. Sophie (Hilary Duff) and Jesse (Chris Lowell) are trying to move up in their creative fields. Sophie fell and broke one of her teeth while trying to get the perfect picture to impress Naomi, the owner of a high-end gallery. She asks Jesse for help finding a cheap, sketchy dentist. And he comes with her while she waits for it to be fixed. They both question the value of their jobs. A problem with Jesse’s car makes Sophie’s tooth hurt again. So she has to go to Drew (Josh Peckfundraiser )’s with a broken tooth again, even though it was already fixed.

This scene is based on a storyline from How I Met Your Mother, season 7, episode 7, “Noretta.” Even though it’s not beat for beat, the storyline is mostly the same. To make sure everything goes well on their first date, Barney wants to make sure that everything is just how it should be. She also breaks her tooth when she falls while ice-skating and can’t get it back in place. It’s part of Barney’s plan to keep the night from going bad. He takes Nora to a shady all-night dentist. Nora only breaks her tooth once on the date, but many bad things happen, like the second tooth breakage and Jesse’s car breaking down. These things move the relationship between the two characters forward in the same way.

When How I Met Your Father almost looks like the old show How I Met Your Mother. It shows how the new show can show how the old show didn’t do things right and make them better. In the years since the show first aired, Barney Stinson has been a lot of people’s favorite character. The first episode of season 1, How I Met Your Father, made fun of people like him. In How I Met Your Mother, Barney never truly cares about Nora. What she wants, or who she is as a person. His only goal is to keep things going so that he can have sex.

How I Met Your Father’s Sophie and Jesse tooth scene, on the other hand. It is all about the people in it and what they want from life. Neither of them is on a date. Instead, Sophie knows that Jesse can help her in need. It helps them have more in-depth talks about how hard it is to make an art career happen. And how society tells them to give up on their dreams. Barney and Nora’s story shows that Barney helps Nora for his benefit. HIMYF, on the other hand, indicates that Barney and Nora have a deeper emotional connection before they kiss for the first time at the end of the episode.

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