This Bizarre How I Met Your Mother Theory will Change Your Perspective About Finale!

The long-running sitcom How I Met Your Mother starred Josh Radnor, Alyson Hannigan, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jason Segel. For nearly ten years, the show was broadcast on television. It aired about 200 episodes throughout the period. Josh Radnor is the actor that plays Ted in the programme. He tells his kids the story of how he met their mother. Fans have had many theories to deal with the trauma that the How I Met Your Mother finale gave them. This one will specifically change your perpsective.

How I Met Your Mother Finale Theory – Ted had brain damage(literally)

TikTok user named jordanramirez14 came up with the idea that changes the show’s ending in a big way. It starts right after Ted was in a car accident in “Miracles,” the 20th episode of HIMYM’s third season. Ramirez thought that even though Ted seemed okay after the event, he may have suffered a severe brain injury. As proof, Ramirez said that Barney’s plans to sleep with women went from being plausible to impossible as the conversation went on. In episode four of the fourth season, called “Intervention,” Barney dressed up as an old person and used a playbook for the first time. Before the accident in the third season, he had never used a playbook.

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Ted and Stella

In addition to having a distorted view of reality, Ted may also have a bad memory. Ramirez suggested that Ted may be wrong about who stopped him from marrying Stella. The audience believed that Stella had broken up with Ted so she could be with Tony. But the “real” reason their wedding wasn’t successful was that Ted invited Robin. Even though Stella didn’t want her there. Because of this fight, Stella decided to end her relationship with Ted and move in with Tony. This lets Ted keep being obsessed with Robin.

In the eighth season of “Himym,” the episode “The Time Travelers” was the breaking point for Ted’s crazy ideas. In this episode, Ted imagined different versions of himself and Barney from 20 minutes to years in the future. He also conceived the entire B story of “The Minnesota Tidal Wave.” It happened well over five years before “The Time Travelers.” Ramirez’s theory says that it was one of Ted’s last moments of sanity before he went crazy at Robin and Barney’s wedding. He then became sure that Robin could never be his again. It was said that this was Ted’s loneliest day. Because all of his friends were busy having kids or planning to get married. But Ramirez’s theory says that it was one of the last times Ted was sane before he went crazy.

Ted and Tracy?

When Ted saw Tracy at the Farhampton train station, he became obsessed with her repeatedly. After their first date didn’t go well, he started following the mystery woman until the end of her life and pretending to be Tracy’s real husband to win her love. After Tracy died of natural causes, Ted had one more hallucination in which he saw their children and told them the whole story to give himself a reason to go after Robin again. Ted played the blue French horn as he stood outside Robin’s window. Instead of being comforted, Robin was scared because Ted broke the restraining order she and her husband Barney had to put on him. At the time, Barney and Robin were still married.

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