This Episode of HIMYM Turns Barney Stinson into a Monster

Neil Patrick Harris plays the part of Barney Stinson, born in 1976. Barney’s character has charisma and caddishness. Fans of the show consider him to be one of their favourites among the cast. He is one of the five key characters in How I Met Your Mother. He was a womaniser. But this storyline turned Barney Stinson into a monster.

This Episode of HIMYM Turns Barney Stinson into a Monster

During the third season of How I Met Your Mother, the womanising Barney Stinson effectively converts into a truly horrible human being. This was a significant turning point for the series. A joke caused this transformation told during “The Bracket.” It foreshadowed how the characters would evolve. It also highlighted how bad Barney would be in any setting that was remotely related to real life.

The episode glossed over many of the heinous things Barney did to sleep with women. Such as duping some of them into wasting large quantities of money or damaging their personal lives. The saddest part was during Barney’s apology. He talked about the horrible things he’d done to women throughout his life.

He stated that he had previously sold a woman. “I didn’t speak the language,” he added, “but I shook a guy’s hand, gave me the keys to a Mercedes, and left her there.” Despite the possibility that this was only a misunderstanding on Barney’s behalf, there was a strong likelihood that this was the case. Even if it wasn’t, it was a horrifying depiction of Barney’s aspirations and lack of restraint in his behaviour.


The episode “The Bracket” of How I Met Your Mother marked a pivotal moment in the show’s history. Its roots as a romantic comedy helped to ground it. As “The Bracket” relocated the characters to a more generic environment, they became more over-the-top and blatant in their humour.

As the tale progressed, the characters’ actions became increasingly bizarre and stupid. It made perfect sense, given how recklessly and carelessly the protagonists would continue to wreck their lives in later episodes. Dark scenarios, such as Barney’s antics in “The Bracket,” could have been amusing if they had occurred in a more comedic atmosphere. The other possibility was that the characters in the popular and romantic sitcom chose to ignore that their friend had sold a person. They were finally satisfied with the scenario as it had developed.

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