This HIMYM Theory Is Crazy and Changes Everything

Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) is 52 and tells his kids how he complied with their mother in 2030. Ted discusses his time as a single man in New York before he married and had children. Ted and Tracy marry in “HIMYM.” Ted doesn’t recognize Tracy at first. It takes him a while to tell the long, complicated story (Cristin Milioti).

Not all fans liked what the writers did with Tracy. She also joins the series late and is killed off at the end. Ted has always said he met the dead father’s mother. This was the creators’ intent.

The ending doesn’t matter. People still talk about it years later, with fan theories circulating online. There’s one Tracy story that, if true, would change everything.

Ted and Tracy reportedly broke up.

Ted and Tracy marry in “How I Met Your Mother.” Then, we see photos of their kids and holidays. Plus: Tracy dies six years before Ted tells his story. Ted’s kids tell him his story was about how much he loves “Aunt Robin.” He pursues her at their request. Workflow:

According to Bustle’s list of show theories, Ted never calls Tracy his wife. He calls her his kids “mother.” Bustle notes that this suggests the two may have split up. This means the story may be about the kids because they didn’t know their mom well enough before she died.

Ted’s love for Tracy at the end of the show and the kids were telling him it’s been six years since their mother died and he can move on. This theory is ridiculous. He wouldn’t have to move on if Ted and Tracy broke up.

Ted lies a lot. People who watch “HIMYM” will keep imagining it. Any of these versions is possible.

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