What HIMYM Characters are doing Durring How I Met Your Father

HIMYM and How I Met Your Father isn’t direct sequels, but they happen in the same world. Watching the original How I Met Your Mother shows where the characters are in the spinoff. But you don’t know where they are yet. HIMYF is set in 2022. Nine years after the current timeline of How I Met Your Mother. Which ended in May 2013 after Barney and Robin married. Even though the show’s last episode aired in 2014. The show’s real ending was in May 2013. Because Upcoming, Ted’s story takes place in 2030. There won’t be a lot of overlap with Future Sophie’s story in 2050. Which is when HIMYF’s Future Ted tells her story.

Ted finally meets Tracy in How I Met Your Mother in 2013. The episode also gives a glimpse into the futures of each person. When HIMYM ends. Some flash-forwards show how the characters’ lives have changed between now and 2030 when Ted is narrating. And Robin finally gets back together with Ted. Ted Mosby, Robin, Lily Aldrin, Marshall Eriksen, Barney Stinson, and Marshall Eriksen are all likely to be in 2022. When the first season of How I Met Your Father starts on Hulu. Future Ted gives us a lot of information about where they are and how they could appear on the show.

Tracy took the Hangover Fixer Elixir from Stinson on January 1. Still, Future Ted talks about what happened to HIMYM’s characters two years before the timeline of How I Met Your Mother in 2020. What happened in 2022 isn’t mentioned in the ending of How I Met Your Mother. ON THE OTHER HAND, how I Met Your Father might fill in the gaps between 2020 and 2030 when HIMYM comes to an end. Here is a list of where the characters from How I Met Your Father will be in 2022.

Ted and Tracy are two people who like each other.

They have been together for nine years, married for two years, and have two young children, Luke (5) and Penny (3). In How I Met Your Father (7). Some people think Ted will still be a professor of architecture in 2022. Tracy has already written a book about poverty in 2021. If How I Met Your Father runs into 2024, Tracy may get sick and die simultaneously. So it’s a good chance that Ted and Tracy could show up on a spinoff of HIMYM. This is very likely because they’re living in New York in 2022.

Marshall and Lily are two people who like each other.

In 2016, after How I Met Your Mother came to an end, Marshall and Lily moved out of The Apartment when they returned from Rome because they needed more space for their growing family. They’re likely still living in the exurbs with their three kids in 2022. Marshall also ran for the New York State Supreme Court in 2020, and later that year, he beat Brad to get the seat. How I Met Your Father’s 2022 timeline shows that Marshall will still be on the New York Supreme Court because justices are usually given jobs for life.

The last time we saw Lily, she worked as an art consultant in Rome in 2016. It’s not clear whether she kept this job when she moved back to New York City. Lily and Marshall will be elevating Marvin Waitforit Eriksen, Daisy, and a third child they don’t yet know the name of (5-6).

Barney Stinson is the name of a person who works for the government.

As of 2020, Barney Stinson has a two-year-old daughter named Ellie. This means that in 2022, he’ll still be working at GNB, and he may have stopped having sex with other people. It’s not clear how often Barney will be dating younger women in the setting of How I Met Your Father. Many people think Barney is an easy HIMYM character cameo.

There was a woman named “Robin Scherbatsky.”

There are a lot of chances for characters from How I Met Your Mother and How I Met Your Father to meet each other because they both live in New York City. Robin was seen at Ted and Tracy’s wedding in 2020, but she didn’t get to know Ted and Robin until 2030. If the characters in How I Met Your Father see Robin’s newscasts on TV in 2022, they’ll be able to connect to the show.

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