Who was the Best Love Interest For Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother?

Ted Mosby had a difficult time finding the love of his life in How I Met Your Mother, and it took him nine seasons to meet her. However, throughout the time between relationships, he dated various women, ranging from nice to completely off-the-rails crazy. Even though many fans will believe that Robin Scherbatsky is the best match for Ted because he ends up with her at the end of the series. There is a different girl from Ted’s past who may have been a better fit than Robin Scherbatsky.

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In Season 1, Episode 12, “The Wedding,” Ted arrives alone at his friend’s wedding. He notices a beautiful girl, and they instantly click, leading Ted to assume she is the girl of his dreams. Her name is Victoria. They started going out after the wedding and fell for each other hard. Everything was going perfect until Victoria landed her dream job in Germany. They agreed against breaking up and tried a long-distance relationship. They split up because their relationship couldn’t handle it, and Ted cheated on her with Robin.

On the other hand, Ted and Victoria would have been the perfect couple for each other if the circumstances had been different. They were a far better match to each other than Ted and Robin. They had more in common regarding hobbies and ideals, and their love for one another was genuine. Ted receives another glimpse of Victoria from across the room in Season 7’s third episode, “Ducky Tie.” She has now been in Germany for six years.

Before she reveals her engagement, he attempts to apologise to her. They even share an intimate kiss as part of their reconci asion. In the end, Victoria decides to stay with her fiance. As she is convinced that her engagement with Ted will fail as long as Robin is in the picture. Furthermore, theirs was the only How I Met Your Mother relationship that lasted numerous seasons. That gave fans the impression that she was a long-term option for Ted’s future wife.

Even though Ted’s ex-wife has died, Ted eventually ends up with Robin. From the very beginning, Ted and Robin would end up together. But that does not mean she was his best love interest for him. Victoria was the creator’s backup plan for Ted’s bride in case Season 9 didn’t happen, implying that their relationship was strong enough to withstand a future where Victoria is his wife.

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