Who was the Worst Love Interest for Ted Mosby on HIMYM?

Ted Mosby was a hopeless romantic who never gave up. In nine seasons of HIMYM, he has many severe relationships and casually dates other women in search of one. Ted fell for a strong dermatologist and thought he’d found the perfect woman.

Season 3 introduced Stella Zinman (Sarah Chalke). Ted met her at a tattoo clinic. Butterfly tattoos covered his lower back earlier in the season. Stella was his dermatologist. Ted immediately liked her, but she said she couldn’t date her patients. Ted asked her out until the last meeting. She said she was a single mom with little time for dating.

Ted wooed Stella with a two-minute date. He dumped her and didn’t attend her sister’s wedding. He tried to win her back by proposing to her and making amends. Three months passed. They’d just met. Yes, Stella. She feared having another long-term relationship, she said. Her quick marriage was a red flag.

Ted and Stella were eventually incompatible. She disliked his many traits. His favorite movie wasn’t hers. He didn’t like cohabitating. Her last relationship left her heartbroken. Three days before the wedding, her sister’s engagement fell through.

Stella and Tony were the only wedding guests with unresolved feelings. Despite their friendship, Stella was upset that Ted invited Robin (Cobie Smulders). Ted argued with her. She thought having an ex at a wedding would make people feel wrong about unresolved issues. Stella and Tony fled the marriage.

Seven months after their wedding, Ted met Stella and Tony in New York. Tony offered Ted a job after Stella dumped him. Ted didn’t want to work with Stella, so he declined. Tony abandoned Stella after hearing Ted’s feelings. Then she asked Ted to convince Tony to take her back.

The Wedding Bride’s flaws made Ted look bad. Ted appeared selfish and cruel in Stella’s story, despite constantly trying to make her happy. Stella told Tony in the movie about Ted’s personal life, proving she told him. Stella’s character worsened when Ted found out Tony had made a movie about them.

Stella was initially unpopular. She became the show’s most hated character over time. She almost got married but ran off with an ex. Then faked their breakup. Stella made some relationship decisions without Ted. Because he loved her, Ted agreed.

Ted and Stella made poor decisions. Stella made herself look bad by breaking up with Ted badly. Ted had many bad relationships. Stella broke his heart without feeling bad.

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