Why HIMYM Killed Off The Mother, Despite The Show’s Title

The decision to kill off the “Mother” was controversial among HIMYM fans. The decision led to a polarising series finale, tarnishing the show’s legacy. When Tracy was introduced as a direct character, Milioti’s superb performance allowed viewers to fall in love with her. After finally meeting the Mother, she was quickly killed off in the finale. Future Ted’s feelings for Robin were reintroduced just moments after revealing his wife’s fate, leading some fans to believe the death diluted the series’ focus.

Tracy Was Never Meant To Be The Sole Focus Of How I Met Your Mother

Tracy’s death may have felt rushed. But it was planned early on in How I Met Your Mother’s development. In season 2, creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas planned Mother’s demise. Scenes with Penny and Luke were secretly movied years ahead of Tracy’s death. So no aging issues by the sitcom’s big reveal. The show hinted at Mother’s death well before season 9. The series was always meant to include Tracy. The title never implied she was the series’ sole focus.

HIMYM was always meant to follow Ted through his ups and downs. While he proclaimed Tracy his life’s love, he had feelings for Robin. Ted got to spend happy years with Tracy. Thus fulfilling the dream of starting a family. Ted’s love life stalled after Tracy died until his kids acknowledged their father’s suppressed feelings for Robin. Tracy’s untimely death served as a reminder that life isn’t always predictable. Ted did meet and marry a happy woman. But the character’s journey was never meant to end in love.

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