Why Neil Patrick Harris Hated The Title “How I Met Your Mother”

Neil Patrick Harris plays the part of Barney Stinson, born in 1976. Barney’s character has charisma and caddishness. Fans of the show consider him to be one of their favourites among the cast. He is one of the five key characters in the show. n an interview, Neil Patrick Harris said he hated the Title How I Met Your Mother.

Every actor has a story about an audition that was especially scary. Even after they are written down, characters can change significantly. The sheer number of competitors can be difficult. And there is no guarantee that all the time and effort spent preparing and waiting will ever be worth it. Oh, sometimes the show’s name is so confusing that it throws an actor for a complete loop. In an interview with GQ, Neil Patrick Harris was asked about how he felt when he first saw the show How I Met Your Mother that went on to become so popular:

“I got an audition for this show called ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ which I thought was a terrible title, when you have ‘Friends’ and ‘Three’s Company,’ you know, something that looks good on a cap. […] And I thought it would just be up to pilot and would never go, because of the title. Who names a show ‘How I Met Your Mother’? There’s not even any rhyming to it. Like, a bunch of basic words put together as a sentence; it’s not a title. But I digress.”

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Harris also discusses how the role of Barney evolved. “When I read the part, it was to play someone who  smoked cigars like Jack Black, and when I did, I said to myself, ‘I’m not going to get this job.'” It turned out that he brought that kind of enthusiasm to the role of Barney Stinson was precisely what helped him obtain the job in the first place. Indeed, several features of the programme haven’t held up quite well over the years. One among them is the entirety of the character of the womanising, pestering, and belligerent Barney, but nobody considers the title. It’s funny how things turn out.

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