8 Serious Promos That Became Unintentionally Hilarious

A good wrestling promo can make or break a wrestler’s career. There are probably a slew of promos that any fan could claim as their favourite for a variety of reasons. CM Punk’s infamous “Pipebomb” promo is, of course, one of the more recent iconic promos that has gone down in history. The problem with promos is that what was once considered a great and serious promotion can now be seen as cheesy & unintentionally hilarious by modern eyes.

8 . The Undertaker and the Big Show – A Motorcycle Adventure

Most people wouldn’t consider The Undertaker one of the more entertaining wrestlers in history, but anyone who has heard his motorcycle promo with Big Show will disagree. It’s supposed to be serious, but the over-the-top nature of it makes it impossible not to laugh.

7.The Mega Powers of  Macho Man Explode

The Macho Man is, without a doubt, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Everyone paused to listen to what he had to say every time he spoke. In the build-up to their WrestleMania match, he delivered an emotional and heated promo directed at Hulk Hogan, which is now hilarious to watch through a modern lens.

6. Lex Luger T-Shirt Promotion

Many people have differing opinions about Lex Luger’s abilities. Regardless of one’s point of view, he once delivered one of the hilarious promos ever offered by a wrestler. It’s easy to think the whole thing is a joke when you watch it, but Luger comes across as an earnest man.

5 .Hulk Hogan – The Mega Powers Keep Growing

Hulk Hogan’s use of incredible catchphrases has resulted in some of the most classic and quotable promos of all time. Even Hogan isn’t immune to cutting the odd witty promo in today’s world.

4. Sid the Psycho – Half A Brain

The fact that Sid makes an undeniable mistake, and he almost seems confused by it at the moment, is what makes this Sid promo so hilarious. When emotions run high, it’s easy to make mistakes, as Sid Vicious demonstrated in WCW. ​​​​

3. Bret Hart Promo – The Ultimate Maniacs

Macho Man has always been iconic, and putting him in a promo with The Ultimate Warrior is the kind that would make a fever dream come true. Bret Hart’s title win has been celebrated dramatically, so the two cut a promo to commemorate it.

2. The Brood Speaks, Gangrel

People may recall how cool The Brood was when they first started appearing for WWE, particularly in Edge’s recent use of The Brood’s entrance style. Gangrel gave one of the most awkward promos of the era, despite their excellent appearance at the time.

1. Scott Steiner – Promo for THAT Math

Without mentioning what has become one of the most iconic promos of all time, no list of unintentionally funny promos would be complete. Anyone who hasn’t seen Scott Steiner’s math promo should immediately do so.

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