A young man’s story about saving a woman’s life has gone viral.

Nicole and her six year old son, Mikey, went to Cedar Square shopping mall in Fourways on April 28 to perform some errands and meet a friend. Nicole felt a burning ache after she met with her buddy and realized she had been stung by a bee.

Her companion promptly removed the sting and gave Nicole an allergy to assist with the symptoms. However, Nicole was unconcerned because she had been stung a few times previously with no adverse consequences.

Nicole began to fear when she decided to stop by a supermarket in Cedar Square to grab some groceries, as her response to the sting became more severe. “I was instantly hit with a sensation of extreme fear as my hands, heart, head, and ears (my entire body, for that matter) began to throb, along with a feeling that I couldn’t breathe, and I told Mikey that we had to go.”

Nicole left her goods and began calling for assistance. When she couldn’t reach her buddy, who had just left her, she called her husband and told him what had occurred.

Nicole could scarcely breathe at this point and slumped in the path. Mikey began to cry and begged Nicole to get up, but she remained deafeningly silent.

Obakeng Seutane dashed towards Nicole, dispersing the gathering and kneeling next to her. Only four minutes after the attack began, she was utterly unconscious.

Obakeng clasped her hands behind her head to help open her windpipe before calming Mikey down. He said that he would take him and his mother to the hospital and that they would have to drive very quickly to get there.

When Nicole arrived at the hospital, medical personnel quickly began working on her. A nurse asked Obakeng for the phone number of a family member. And Mikey gave Obakeng Nicole’s phone number and urged him to call his father.

The nurse pushed Nicole’s husband, Ross, to hurry since things were not looking good. “My mother-in-law came to the hospital before my husband and thanked Obakeng. Telling him he didn’t have to remain any longer if he didn’t want to.” He said he was not leaving until he knew I was okay and proceeded to stay with Mikey and my mother-in-law. ”

Nicole has no recall of anything that transpired between the time. She fell asleep, and the time she awoke in the hospital seven hours later. She only remembers being grateful and shocked that she was still alive. “All due to my kid, whose fearful visage grabbed Obakeng’s eye as he walked by on his way to the gym with his earbuds on and decided that we needed his assistance!”

After a week, Nicole and her family could thank Obakeng for saving her life. And tell him how great he was for being able to think clearly when no one else could.

“He has given me new life, restored my trust in South African youth and humanity. And I can honestly say that he has helped me see life in a new light.” Obakeng, there are no words to explain my gratitude to you! “

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