Cat ruins wedding by sleeping on bride’s dress

Photos show a black cat napping on the bride’s dress at the wedding. The churchgoers loved the cat.

Bruna Rizzo and Paulo Henrique Camargo got married in Vitória, Esprito Santo.

Black cat crashed wedding and napped on bride’s dress, as seen in photos. Church staff knew the cat, they said. He would circle the church during Mass because one of the priests cares for the local cats, which he loves.

The cat couldn’t resist curling up in the bride’s dress. So he chose the dress. He jumped onto the dress’s train.

Everyone present was happy and amused. Real cat lovers know that black cats are a gift from cat and god to the happy couple. The couple thought the cat was lucky.

Bruna Rizzo and Paulo Henrique Camargo didn’t expect their wedding day to go viral and gain Internet fame. If you’re a cat lover, there’s nothing better to celebrate and bless your big day than a cat, right?


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