“Dead” Cat Comes Home Alive Hours After Sad Funeral

Nathan Sonoras has loved Loki for three years. Loki was a stray, but he and Sonoras became fast friends after meeting.

Sonoras told The Dodo, “He’s the cutest.” “He likes to cuddle with me. He’s cute.”

Loki has a loving home, but he still enjoys walking around the neighbourhood and surrounding areas. Sonoras was happy to let him go because he always returned.

Sonoras believed his time with Loki had ended tragically.

Sonoras saw something this week that made him sad.

“As I drove, I saw a black object ahead. I mistook it for a sweatshirt. Then he saw a black cat. “My worst fear about having an outdoor cat came true.”

Sonoras, crying, approached the lifeless cat. After calling his girlfriend, he examined the cat’s body and confirmed it was Loki. A car may have hit him.

“I was teary. Sonoras cried, “My cat’s dead, I can’t believe it.” “Traumatizing”

Loki died. Apparently.

Sonoras and his girlfriend took the cat’s body to her house, where they buried him. Loki’s funeral was heartbreaking.

Sonoras: “We dug near a nice tree.” “We cried, shared good memories, and hoped Loki was in kitty heaven.” Saying goodbye was sad.”


Little did they know, those goodbyes were premature.

Sonoras and his girlfriend returned to his house after midnight to continue mourning Loki’s death. “I wished he was alive”

Sonoras woke up early the next morning to drive his father to work; his parents live across the street, so they knew Loki. Sonoras told his dad the news and learned his own.

He said, “I told him Loki died and we buried him late.” “I heard Loki’s meow right behind me. I turned and saw him.”

Loki seemed carefree after a morning stroll, as usual.

“I retreated. I was stunned. “What’s happening?” I asked my dad. Sonoras said, “I buried the cat last night.” “So was my dad. Loki’s alive.”

Joy and relief mixed with disbelief.

Sonoras: “I held him and cried like a baby.” “Did I wake up in a world where Loki hadn’t died?” Or did I want him back?

Sonoras believes he buried a cat similar to Loki and wants to notify the cat’s family.

Loki is back with Sonoras, who is rethinking his cat’s outdoor freedom (having experienced the heartbreak that can result). Even though he didn’t know the cat, he still held a funeral for it.

Sonoras: “All life is sacred.” “I’m glad I got to honour it, even if it was another cat.”

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