John Cena has asked To Stop Working Out For A Film That Might Not Ever See The Light Of Day

John Cena’s bank account is trending thanks to his role on ‘Peacemaker upwards,’ and his popularity is trending thanks to the HBO MAX series upwards. In reality, he struggled for a long time trying to break into Hollywood, and it wasn’t until ‘Trainwreck’ that things started to fall into place.

John Cena Completely Changed His Workout Structure In The Recent Years

Before entering the acting and sports entertainment world, John Cena gave bodybuilding a try. The ‘Peacemaker’ star knows a thing or two about getting in shape. However, interestingly enough, as he revealed alongside GQ, his workout structure has changed a bit in recent years. Cena is still hitting his compound movements. In addition, he puts a significant emphasis on stretching and mobility work before and after the workout session.

John Cena Lost 20-Pounds During The Filming Of ‘Snafu.’

However, when it comes to someone like John Cena, this is much harder to do, especially given the amount of work it took to build that kind of muscle in the first place.

Due to behind-the-scenes squabbles, the John Cena and Jackie Chan film may never be released.

Given the broken relationship between filmmakers in China and the US, the film may never see the light of day. Add in all the complications that took place during the pandemic, and it makes the film’s release that much more confusing.

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