On Raw, Chad Gable won by pinfall for the first time in almost two years.

WWE is an odd place. It has to be a very unsettling place to work, now more than ever. In the last two years, the company’s release ax has been swung more than ever. The next time a Superstar’s phone rings, it could be someone from WWE telling them they’re being let go due to budget cuts, whether they’re in NXT or on the main roster or even sitting at home doing nothing.

Chad Gable’s Determination

Some wrestlers laid off since the outbreak was most likely on the chopping block for a while. There are still some names on the roster that fans might be surprised to see. He is most likely one of them without intending to offend Chad Gable. Gable had been treading water in WWE for a long time, even getting the worst rename treatment when he was dubbed Shorty G.

Gable has persevered, and he has even regained his name, which is a rare occurrence for renamed WWE Superstars. He’s also been doing some of his best work on Raw lately, demonstrating. He can perform on the mic and in the ring, much like Kurt Angle did over 20 years ago. However, despite his recent success, Gable hasn’t been picking up many wins, at least not ones he’s been responsible for.

It’s his first victory since 2020.

This week on Raw, Gable covered Angelo Dawkins to give Alpha Academy the victory over the Street Profits. According to Wrestling Inc, the pinfall victory was Gable’s first in almost two years. Although Gable has frequently been on the winning team when Otis has won, Monday night was the first time Gable pinned and defeated someone in a televised match since June 15, 2020.

The last time Gable has credited with a victory on television was so long ago that he was still known as Shorty G. He’s recently won a few live events against Riddle, but nothing on television in a long time. Before you say anything, no, his controversial finish line crossing in last week’s scooter race does not count—however, his win on Raw this weekend is his streak of losing and relying on Otis.

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