Shane McMahon’s Royal Rumble appearance has reportedly enraged the WWE locker room.

Shane-O-Mac made his WWE comeback at the Royal Rumble on Saturday. While he got a standing ovation from the live WWE audience. Many behind the scenes wonder why Shane was given such a prominent role in the match and showcased himself. According to a report from Ringside News, Shane McMahon is facing “significant” heat in WWE right now.

According to the report, not only was McMahon present during the match. He was also in charge of booking the majority of the players. He not only reserved that spot, but he also appeared to fight for the right to be there near the end. Wrestlers backstage are reportedly furious that he booked himself among the final five men in the match, drawing such a late number. Then he has featured over other stars who needed a lot more attention than he did.

According to the report, McMahon openly buried Jamie Noble. According to a source, they tried to make the Rumble match about himself. McMahon was combative and adamant about how he had booked in the game when asked about it. His stubborn insistence has been described as “fighting with people to do so. Another source said that people in WWE who don’t usually speak up were expressing their displeasure because they thought Shane being more prominent in Rumble than Big E or Kevin Owens made no sense.

Fans Still Upset Over Shane’s Appearance

Shane’s initial ovation when he entered the Rumble has been overshadowed by criticisms of how bad this year’s Royal Rumble was. Some unusual booking decisions, such as Shane’s inclusion, were puzzling, and it’s unclear what Shane’s plans are. Suppose he was so adamant about getting to the top. It’s safe to assume he’ll be a major player in WWE storylines in the coming months.

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