South African police catch baby’s body after dad tosses her from a roof during a standoff.

This is the heart-stopping moment a newborn girl was flung from a roof by her father during a police standoff, only to be saved by hero officers who apprehended her.

The 38 year old father climbed onto the roof of a hut in the Joe Slovo West neighborhood of Kwadwesi, South Africa. He hung the infant by her leg and waved her around to the officers below.

The father hurled his one-year-old daughter within minutes of police attempting to apprehend him.

According to an eNCA report, the event occurred Thursday during a demolition conducted by the Nelson Mandela Municipality.

“At around 10.40 am, a 38-year-old male ascended onto the top of one of the structures. And had his one-year-old child in his hands,” SAPS stated in a Facebook statement.

“He did this to persuade the crew not to dismantle the building.”

“Due to the grave threat to the child’s safety. Authorities devised a strategy to rescue the girl and arrest the guy.”

“By 11.45 am, after SAPS and Metro Police had encircled the structure. And a member of SAPS had attempted to coax the guy (father) down from the roof for a few minutes. The rescue attempt had begun.

“As police apprehended him, the dad hurled his infant from the roof.”

It was not the last incident during the demolition; a group of 150 locals attempted to block a road by putting tires. And rubble on fire, according to local news in Cape Town, etc.

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