See photos of Millie Bobby Brown's long blonde hair.

See photos of Millie Bobby Brown’s long blonde hair.

Millie Bobby Brown’s execution in the latest season of Stranger Things has gotten a lot of attention, but it’s not the only thing the star has been praised for recently. She has become a beauty mogul in addition to being an actress, so it’s no surprise that her new blonde hairstyle is the perfect summer hair idea.

See photos of Millie Bobby Brown's long blonde hair.

Millie has been wearing her long blonde hair this summer. A significant change from the brown buzz cut she had when we first saw her on Stranger Things as Eleven. Millie hasn’t always had this hairstyle. She’s tried some scratches and a few different colours over the years. But fans are crazy about her new looks.

See photos of Millie Bobby Brown's long blonde hair.

People first noticed MBB’s blonde hair when she went on The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, in May 2022. She wore her blonde hair in a low, smooth ponytail, and her side-swept bangs framed her face. One day later, at the premiere of the fourth season of Stranger Things. She let her hair down and walked onto the red carpet with long bangs and wavy strands.

Millie’s Instagram still gives us central summer hair ideas even after a few months. She has recently posted photos of her hair in different styles, such as braided pieces. In Paris, she took a picture of her hair curled loosely and tied with a stylish scarf.

She tied it back and wore a trendy trucker hat for a casual look. Millie’s sun-kissed hair shines even when it’s in a low bun.

MBB’s personal Instagram is like a gift that keeps giving, but there’s more. The Florence by mills account has also shared some gems, and we’ve already added her wavy hair look to our summer mood boards. Pete Burkill, who does her hair, has also shared some photos, including one with butterfly clips and hair half up and half down.

People seem to like MBB’s blonde hair everywhere, from Instagram to Twitter to TikTok. The timing couldn’t have been better since Greta Gerwig’s upcoming movie and the summer season make the Barbiecore trend more popular. It makes sense that blonde hair would become famous since pink is so prevalent in fashion and beauty. Millie Bobby Brown seems to be starting the trend by giving us all lots of hair ideas.

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