Who is Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery dating in 2022

Netflix’s Stranger Things has been a massive hit since it debuted in 2016, and one of the show’s breakout stars is Dacre Montgomery. Montgomery plays Billy Hargrove, a tough-as-nails high schooler with a menacing streak. While Montgomery’s character may be a bit of a bad boy on the show, he seems to be a total sweetheart in real life. In fact, according to rumours, Dacre Montgomery (Billy Hargrove) might even be dating Australian model Liv Pollock as they were seen together in 2022.

Who is Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery dating in 2022
Dacre Montgomery Posing For H& M Clothing

Even though Billy passes away after the third season of Stranger Things, many viewers are under the impression that Montgomery will be back for the fourth season. Fans continue to follow the actor on social media, regardless of whether they believe he is actually gone for good or not, since they are curious about every aspect of his private life and want to know everything there is to know about it. Is Dacre Montgomery still looking for a partner? And if not, with whom does he have a relationship?

Who is the girlfriend of Dacre Montgomery in 2022?

The Australian actor, now 27 years old, has been grounded for some time. According to Who’s Dated Who, he has been in a relationship with a model named Liv Pollock since 2017. They have been together since that year. Even though Montgomery isn’t highly active on social media, he has uploaded images of himself with Sandra Bullock. The two have been seen walking down the red carpet together several times.

Dacre Montgomery dating Liv Pollock
Liv pollock and Dacre Montgomery attend the GQ Australia men of the year awards

In November 2019, Montgomery published a heartwarming message on Instagram about Pollock. In the post, Montgomery referred to Pollock as “the emotional support and also the person that helps me to live in the moment and not take some things too seriously.” You can access Pollock’s Instagram account through this link.

A conversation between Dacre Montgomery and his Girlfriends Liv Pollock

On May 14, the premiere of Stranger Things seasons 4 took place in New York City. Montgomery was in attendance, although it does not appear that he posed with Pollock on the red carpet. But pictures of the two of them were taken together during the event.

Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock are dating since 2017

We, as fans, are happy for these two and wish them all the best in the future. We’re also curious whether Dacre Montgomery will make an appearance in the upcoming Stranger Things season. Stranger Things season 4 has now been released and has received widespread acclaim from fans. We, like other fans, are hoping for a fifth season of Stranger Things.

Check out Some of Liv Pollock’s Instagram posts to witness their loving relationship timeline.


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