10 Best Flashbacks Ranked of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory’s flashbacks bring hilarity and fresh perspectives on friendship and love. Sometimes the additional background is required for The Big Bang Theory to make sense. Flashbacks from the show often serve as a visual assist to aid storytelling in this context. The audience occasionally sees what a character doesn’t recall, which puts watchers ahead of the joke.

The best parts of The Big Bang Theory’s flashbacks aren’t just funny; they also feature the clear indicators of love that, if not thought about, may have been forgotten for a long time. These incidents deepen the plot because the show is about friendship and relationships and illustrates how close the buddies are.

Sheldon Sneezes On Howard

Sheldon was ill with the flu in “The Empathy Optimization,” which caused his buddies to make every effort to stay away from him. He accepts Bernadette’s care package but rejects it as a joke and hands it back to her before sneezing in Howard’s face. Naturally, Howard takes offense to this and finds himself needing the care package. This flashback demonstrates why Sheldon and Howard’s friendship has frequently felt strained. It clarifies why they don’t always get along and how much they had to work out before developing close friendships.

Stuart Misses Out On Bitcoin

During “The Bitcoin Entanglement,” Stuart interrupts a discussion as the group recalls how they mined Bitcoin seven years ago. A flashback then follows. The flashback shows Raj asking Stuart along, but Stuart declines the offer because it’s “too rich for [his] blood,” despite Stuart stating in the present that he mined Bitcoin with them. Stuart continues to participate in the current conversation, but his attempts to high-five the group are met with silence. It’s strange that Stuart has always had a marginal position in the organization and that he might have lost out on thousands of dollars the time he turned down an invitation to join.

Penny Shares Her Fear Of Marriage

Another flashback in “The Bitcoin Entanglement” shows Penny giving her lover Zack Leonard’s old laptop during one of their breakups. However, a film Zack plays from the old computer helps reconcile Penny and Leonard’s disagreement in their current marriage. The flashback to the past is a crucial and essential development in Penny and Leonard’s relationship. In the flashback, Penny records herself on the laptop while intoxicatedly discussing her anxieties about Leonard and marriage. Because of Penny’s appearance, Leonard has never felt worthy of her, but this experience demonstrates that looks aren’t everything.

Leonard Remembers Beverley’s Experiments

Leonard experiences a flashback in his head during tests with Howard’s children. He calls his mother, Beverley, after realizing he was subjected to experiments throughout his youth in “The Conference Valuation.” She admits to Leonard that she has always found him fascinating and that performing little experiments on him during those times is one of her favorite memories. This moment shows a glimpse of optimism for Leonard and Beverley’s typically turbulent relationship, despite their disagreement. The painful experiences allow Beverley and Leonard to communicate, strengthening their relationship.

Sheldon, Penny, And The Vicks

Another “The Empathy Optimization” flashback shows Penny making Sheldon’s bed, cooking him breakfast, and even checking his lips for thrush, but Sheldon still wants Penny to rub Vicks on his chest. Penny, he says, “has groped every male on the earth,” but he decides to “draw the line” with him. Sheldon is notorious for not getting comedy and always needing a sarcasm sign, yet in this instance, he is the one mocking Penny. Sheldon can pull on Penny’s leg in the same way she pulls on his after nine seasons of establishing their friendship, demonstrating how at ease they are with one another. The amount of care and devotion Penny shows for Sheldon in the flashback is evidence of this.

Penny Waits On Amy

The Cheesecake Factory, where Penny and Bernadette work, is the setting of this flashback in “The Bitcoin Entanglement.” Amy dates once a year to appease her mother before meeting Sheldon, and she lacks the social skills she will pick up from her future buddy group. Being asked to wait on her doesn’t precisely make Penny happy. Since they become great friends by season eleven, watching how the two interact is fascinating. However, in this flashback, viewers might see them as a waitress and an unruly customer, to use Penny’s words. Their unorthodox method of friendship development makes them such a beautiful couple.

Howard’s Gift To Bernadette

Howard gives Bernadette a star necklace in “The Countdown Reflection” that he will wear while traveling to space. Given how few people have traveled to play and how even fewer would have thought to accomplish something like that, Bernadette claims it is the best gift she has ever received. Howard used to be sleazy and had a reputation for trying to flirt with any woman within earshot. And yet, he is, making one of the most passionate displays ever. It is a remarkable event shown in a flashback as Howard is about to leave with the star in tow in the present.

Die Sheldon Die

The beginnings of Sheldon and Leonard’s friendship are shown in this flashback from “The Staircase Implementation.” It is immediately apparent that Sheldon’s residence is not your typical home. It’s also evident that Sheldon isn’t like most people. Leonard is determined to go through the numerous rounds of questions Sheldon has created, although “Die Sheldon Die” is written on the wall in the empty room. Leonard decides to sign the famed roommate agreement despite the numerous indications that Sheldon will be a troublesome roommate, and the rest is history.

Howard And Bernadette’s Small Wedding

Howard and Bernadette decide to marry in a short ceremony on the apartment building’s roof before their space flight. The ceremony had conducted by Sheldon, Amy, Raj, Penny, and Leonard. As he waits to take off, Howard thinks back on a lovely scene from “The Countdown Reflection.” The speeches, however, take a bizarre, passive-aggressive turn when there seems to be a schism between Penny and Leonard. Although the actual wedding of Howard and Bernadette won’t take place until after the space shuttle launch, this one feels more accurate and is filled with touching and humorous moments. Amy mentions being the maid of honor, Raj breaks down in tears, and Sheldon converses in Klingon. Even though it’s unconventional, each of their speaking opportunities somehow captures the essence of their personalities.

Sheldon Saves Leonard’s Life

Leonard explains that he has rocket fuel in his apartment. That they can use to launch the three-stage rocket they’ve spotted at Howard’s house. Leonard argues that he is correct even after Sheldon tells them. It won’t work before fumes start to surface.

The broken elevator is the subject of this flashback in “The Staircase Implementation.” Sheldon is right in this instance. As the elevator explodes shortly after he removes the smoldering fuel and shuts it within. Sheldon’s commitment and progressively developing affection for his new friend. They had demonstrated by the fact that he keeps Leonard’s involvement in the broken elevator from being disclosed to others.

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