10 Sheldon Cooper Quotes That Prove He’s The Worst

Although The Big Bang Theory is a comedy, Sheldon Cooper is known for his snarky and vicious barbs directed at his friends and family. Many people are rewatching past episodes of The Big Bang Theory to keep themselves entertained as season 6 of Young Sheldon premieres this autumn. Sheldon is a genius in both series who is always ready with a witty remark. He’s often unintentionally amusing, but he’s more often than not rude. His character uses his intellect to one-up people he considers to be stupider than him (which he believes to be everyone), which leads to him denigrating everyone around him. That may have been amusing at the start of The Big Bang Theory, but as the series progressed, viewers began to wish he would ease up on people closest to him, as it became irritating.

Sheldon cooper Insulting Leonard’s Intelligence In The Big Bang Theory

“It Must Be Humbling To Suck On So Many Different Levels.”

Leonard continues to lose to Sheldon in a game of 3D chess. Sheldon suggests playing Candy Land because it is more Leonard’s style, and he quotes this. Although it appears to be a humorous remark, fans are well aware that Sheldon isn’t one for jokes or even telling them without his catchphrase, “Bazinga!” Sheldon has no secret feelings about Leonard’s intelligence. He never misses an opportunity to remind Leonard, Howard, Raj, and even Penny how low-brow they are, even if they achieve as much as he did.

Sheldon cooper Shows Himself To Be Ignorant

“If You Don’t Mind, I’d Like To Stop Listening To You And Start Talking.”

Despite Amy Farrah Fowler’s willingness to comply with Sheldon’s request to cease chatting, it demonstrates that he is not the great partner he imagines himself to be. On the other hand, Sheldon wants to chat about his issues, although Amy discusses her profession. He’s telling her that he doesn’t care what she’s talking about and would instead focus on his own life (literally telling her that he doesn’t care about what’s going on in her life). Sheldon is supposed to be Amy’s biggest supporter, but he’s the one who is tearing her down.

Sheldon Cooper Insults Leonard’s Physical Appearance

“You See, Amy, Success At A Bar Is Based On Classic Male Attributes, Such As Height, Strength, Attractiveness, The Ability To Hold One’s Liquor And Throw Darts, Separately Or Together. Leonard Has None Of These Attributes, Right, Leonard?”

Sheldon is always looking for ways to put Leonard down. Leonard is already depressed and concerned about finding a new girlfriend. Sheldon confirms what Leonard already believes, that he will never be good enough for a relationship, as Amy tries to give him advice. Rather than making Leonard feel better in this scenario, Sheldon makes it 100 times worse. Sheldon is incapable of making others feel better, especially in the early seasons, and Leonard’s tolerance of him is astounding (and they remained friends for as long as they did).

Sheldon Cooper Whining About The Fact That People Aren’t Intelligent As Him

“One Cries Because One Is Sad. I Cry Because Others Are Stupid And That Makes Me Sad.”

Penny bursts out crying when Sheldon tries to teach her physics, saying she can’t do it since she’s stupid. Sheldon says this line as a way of reassuring her. Sheldon cannot comprehend that physics is a complex idea for many people to grasp, and he is also inept at teaching it. He may not have said it out loud, but it’s clear that he thinks Penny is foolish. Throughout the program, it’s also clear that he feels he’s the most intelligent person in whatever room he’s in, implying that he thinks everyone else is stupid.

Telling Howard His Job Has No Purpose

“I Never Said That You’re Not Good At What You Do. It’s Just That What You Do Is Not Worth Doing.”

When the engineer asked Sheldon for a compliment on his job and why he usually ripped on him, Sheldon cooper mistook this for a compliment to Howard. Sheldon had gone too far with this one. Even the studio audience could tell. Because Sheldon didn’t think it was a worthwhile profession, he effectively negated all of Howard’s work. Howard did, however, send him a “thank you” note.

Insulting Strangers About Their Profession

Sheldon: “Good Morning, Your Honor. Doctor Sheldon Cooper Appearing Pro Se. That Means I Am Representing Myself.”

Judge: “I Know What It Means. I Went To Law School.”

Sheldon: “And Yet You Wound Up In Traffic Court.”

That is so incredibly offensive, regardless of the context. How could a traffic court judge attain this job if they did not already have a law degree? Shouldn’t judges in traffic court go to law school? That is yet another instance of Sheldon’s belief that (nearly) everyone is beneath him and unworthy of his time, regardless of the circumstances. He insults the judge even more by telling him he is at the top of his field while the judge “presides over your child table.” Sheldon Cooper pressures the judge into giving him what he wants solely because of his intelligence because he didn’t get what he wanted.

Comparing Penny’s Intelligence To That Of A Gorilla

“Interesting. I Suppose If Someone Could Teach Sign Language To Koko The Gorilla, I Could Teach You Some Rudimentary Physics.”

Sheldon agrees to teach Penny physics because he recognizes it will be complicated, like teaching a gorilla sign language, in yet another harsh comment. Penny agrees that it’s insulting but remarks that she could be like Koko. Sheldon Cooper responds that she’s not brighter than a gorilla and couldn’t possibly understand what Koko understands unless it’s about shoes. Penny must be one of the most patient persons on the show to put up with Sheldon in the way she does because not many people would be able to keep their cool.

Insulting Penny’s Daily Life

“Hello, Penny. I Realize You Are Currently At The Mercy Of Your Primitive Biological Urges. But, As You Have An Entire Lifetime Of Poor Decisions Ahead Of You, May I Interrupt This One?

With All Due Respect

Sheldon: “I Can’t Believe He Fired Me.”

Leonard: “Well, You Did Call Him A Glorified High School Science Teacher Whose Last Successful Experiment Was Lighting His Own Farts.”

Sheldon Cooper: “In My Defense, I Prefaced That By Saying With All Due Respect.”

In the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon cooper meets his new boss, the head of the Physics Department, where Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard all work in season one. Sheldon can’t help but identify himself as a “genuine, actual scientist” upon meeting his new boss.
Even though his new employer has a Ph.D. and is the head of his department, not to mention his supervisor, Sheldon does not feel he is a great scientist. Sheldon couldn’t help but make a snide remark about his work because he dislikes it. Sheldon’s aristocratic attitude is on display once again.

Insulting Penny’s Accomplishments

Penny: “I Really Don’t See What The Big Deal Is.”

Sheldon Cooper: “Of Course, You Don’t. You Have Never Excelled At Anything.”

In the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon throws insult after insult at Leonard, Penny, and Howard throughout the entire conversation. He’s furious because a 15-year-old is reportedly wiser than him, and although the gang tries to cheer him up, he attacks his only buddies with daggers after daggers. “Oh God, now even you’re wiser than me,” he exclaimed to Howard at one point.

Penny asks an excellent inquiry about Sheldon’s friendships, and the viewer is undoubtedly wondering the same thing. Sheldon is amusing for the sake of the show, but if he verbally insulted his buddies regularly, he would most likely be alone.

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