10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jim Parsons’ Career Before Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons’ Career started much before The Big Bang Theory. Parsons has been pursuing an acting career since childhood, and not all his experiences were as successful as the television show. But he was always committed to becoming a polished actor, and every experience paved his way to success. Here are some things you probably didn’t know about Jim Parsons’s career before TBBT.

10. Jim Parsons Is An Amazing Piano Player

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In an interview with People Magazine, he said that there was a piano in his house, and since he was three-year-old, he used to climb and try to play it. He asked his mother to assign him to lessons at some point, and it helped his career.

9. His First Role Ever Was As A Bird

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While choosing a career is difficult for most people, Jim Parsons had it clear on his mind since he was a child. He was six years old when he was cast to play the bird Kola-Kola in The Elephant’s Child. It was a small role in a school play, but it was enough to make it clear that he wanted to act forever. His passion for theater also defined what he would study in college, which shows he took it very seriously.

8. Jim Parsons Has A Degree In Theatre

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Jim Parsons had no struggles in choosing what he wanted to study in college. He went to Houston University, where he studied Theatre. Where he helped to create a non-profit theatre, where he performed plays like Endgame, Guys, and Dolls e The Balcony. After finishing college, he enrolled in Sand Diego University, where he got a Master’s degree in classical Theater in 2001.

7. Jim Parsons Moved To New York To Have Better Chances

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After college, Jim Parsons moved to New York, where he would have better opportunities in his career. In 2001, he was cast for the role of Jeremiah in the off-Broadway production The Castle. It was probably one of the best decisions he ever made in his career, and it paved the way to where he is today. The stage remains a passion, and the fans have seen Jim Parson on stage in multiple productions after fame, such as The Normal Heart and Harvey.

6. He Was In A Quiznos Commercial

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Many celebrities starred in commercials before fame, and Jim Parsons is no different. The actor was in some commercials,s and the most famous of them was for the fast-food franchise Quinoz. In the video, we see a man asking Jim Parsons if he grew up among wolves because he didn’t choose a Quinoz sandwich. And the next scene shows Jim Parsons cuddling up with wolves. He also made commercials for other companies like FedEx and other fast-food restaurants.

5.He Was Not Into The Geek Universe

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Jim Parsons was so perfect as Sheldon Cooper that fans believe they have much in common, consulting behind-the-scenes facts to make comparisons. However, before The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons had no contact with the geek universe. The actor never saw a Star Trek episode, was not a good science student and even failed this subject at school. When Parsons was growing up, he liked shows like Three’s Company, Family Ties, and The Cosby Show. It seems that the influences in his career are far away from the geek universe Sheldon Cooper loved so much!

4. He Collects Failures

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Despite a few plot holes here and there in the show, Jim Parsons might have had one of the highest salaries on television when he was on The Big Bang Theory, but it was not always like that. But success didn’t come easy to Parsons. According to the actor, he auditioned for up to 30 different roles, and every time he got the part, the television network turned the show down. The actor is proving that resilience and the best something essential to achieve big things.

3. Jim Parsons Is Always Nervous Before Shooting

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Jim Parsons seems comfortable in front of the cameras, but he always feels nervous before shooting or going on stage. The actor is afraid he will forget his lines, and he is often the most nervous actor in a crew. However, as we know, Parsons always delivers excellent performances and arrives in the studios with his lines memorized. Perhaps this discipline is another secrete why he is so accomplished.

2. His Audition To TBBT Was AmazingJim

Jim Parsons was an experienced actor with many plays in his portfolio, but he was still not a famous face when he auditioned for The Big Bang Theory. Perhaps that explains the reaction of Chuck Lorre, one of the minds behind the show, when he saw his audition. Chuck Lorre thought Jim Parsons was so brilliant for the first time that he thought it was just luck. He invited Parsons to do a second reading to make sure they were casting the perfect actor. Jim Parsons was admittedly nervous, though, even until the show’s finale. He was just as brilliant, and the rest is history.

1. He Could Not Handle Fame When He Was Younger

Some might think it took too long until Jim Parsons’s career took off. However, the actor believes everything happened at the right time. As we know, Sheldon Cooper made the actor one of the most famous faces on television, and fame can be overwhelming. The actor said he could not handle fame when he was younger.” I still consider that as a real blessing for me that my trajectory happened the way it did,” he said. “Time-wise, I mean, I wouldn’t have been able to handle it. I was a late bloomer in some ways.”

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