10 Time Most Confusing Plotlines In The Big Bang Theory

10 Time Most Confusing Plotlines In The Big Bang Theory

According to Variety, The Big Bang Theory ended early in 2019, with 18 million viewers tuning in to say their goodbyes to the much-loved characters. The series begins with a simple storyline about a socially awkward physicist trying to improve his social skills when meeting an attractive neighbor. Still, it quickly evolves into a gang of friends dealing with complex situations in their quest for love and happiness.

10. The North Pole Experiment is being tampered with.

“The Formula Expedition” was one of the few episodes that detail the gang’s scientific experience outside of their labs. Even though this episode was pivotal in Leonard and Penny’s relationship, the overall plotline was a little hazy, mainly how the experiment went wrong.

9. The Timeline Of The Broken Elevator

The story of the broken elevator was a significant plot point in multiple episodes of TBBT. In the episode “The Staircase Implementation,” Leonard tells Penny how he became roommates with Sheldon and the circumstances that led to the broken elevator. Despite the incident leading to Sheldon saving Leonard’s life, the gang was ultimately responsible for the broken elevator.

8. Leonard’s Relationship With Stephanie

Leonard’s feelings for Penny were evident from the moment the pair met. As illustrated by Leonard and Penny’s relationship timeline, their relationship did have ups and downs, but they were ultimately meant to be. However, despite being unlucky in love, Leonard did have other relationships before his romance with Penny blossomed.

7. Sheldon’s Inconsistent Relationship With Wil Wheaton

Sheldon certainly had a lot of enemies. His annoying and condescending attitude, one of the many things about Sheldon that have aged poorly, usually didn’t sit well with the people around him. His rivalry with Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton was mentioned in the early seasons. Sheldon even considered Wheaton to be his arch-nemesis.

6. Raj’s Relationship With Penny

Raj may seem like the odd one out in the gang, but he was pure-hearted and a great friend to the rest. However, the poor guy did not have much luck with women, being the only one of the core group that didn’t have an “endgame” relationship in the series. He did, however, have some romantic encounters, and one of the most confusing was with Penny.

5. Penny’s Unanticipated Career Switch

Introduced as an ambitious and confident woman, Penny underwent a confusing career change. While the initial seasons saw her as a struggling actor, as the series progressed, her career switch from actress to sales was something fans did not anticipate – or understand.

4. Stuart Moving In With Howard’s Mother

Stuart wasn’t one of the show’s main characters, but he was just as awkward in social situations as the others.

3. Raj’s Luck In Love

It was sad to see Raj not get his dream ending after all. He was a kind, loyal, and emotional guy who genuinely wanted to settle down. His relationships never lasted long and nearly always came to an uncomfortable end.

2. Penny Accepting Her Pregnancy

Since the early seasons, it was evident that Penny wasn’t fond of kids and didn’t like being around them. But, in one of the things that have aged poorly about Penny, it’s after they tie the knot that she tells him she doesn’t want kids.

1. Leonard Tolerating Sheldon All Those Years

The sitcom started with Sheldon and Leonard. The characters were nerdy and socially awkward but lovable in their way, and they certainly captured fans’ imaginations. The 12 seasons explored all the ups and downs in terms of their friendship and their character development.

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